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A Productive Saturday

Back home now after a busy morning of errands, and ready to get some work done! I stopped by Chapters to see my crafty lady friend’s display of owls & plush toys – looks like they’ve been selling well and she needs to restock! (Pretty sure I read on her Facebook that she’s restocking today, actually!) I cleaned it up a bit for her and removed the random monkeys that were in her space. (I couldn’t help myself, I worked as a visual merchandiser for a few years so I think that still sticks with me. I’m the person who follows behind you in the store and refolds the mess you make when you unfold all the clothing. Oops.)

Here’s my friend Needlings display:

You can check out more of her awesome work here: Needlings

Anyway, just a quick post today since I have so much work to get done. I have some t-shirts to press for APAC Varadero and then I’ll be moving on to my craft stuff – packaging keychains & cutting felt characters & sewing mustaches! Yay!

Also, I picked up that bottle of red for the wine club to try tonight, so looking forward to that and catching up on some TV shows… so much to do!

Here’s The Daily Dress – this is my most favourite dress of all time. It’s the perfect Saturday dress – casual, comfy and there are POCKETS! I found this at a thrift shop in Hollywood. I will never ever let this one go. Ever. It needs to be patched up along the seams every once in a while, but other than that it’s perfect ❤

Have a great Saturday!

xoxoxox Lisa

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