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Sunshine Award & Thursday Things I Dig!

I’ve been a busy little bee over the past week, restocking for my next show coming up in April – and oh, so quickly does it approach! This past weekend I was visiting my lady friend in Ottawa, so wasn’t able to have my usual Friday night craft binge, and fell a little behind! No worries, I will catch up this weekend and it was definitely worth the set back in mustache production – I needed a mini-vacation anyway! B & I stayed in this adorable little wood cabin just outside of the city while we were there, on the premises of a very, very overweight black and white cat. Luckily, he didn’t threaten us too much, since we were only there for one night. We spent the afternoon wandering around downtown Ottawa, visited parliament and checked out ByWard market! It was a bit cold and we were not dressed for too much outdoor activity so it was a relatively quick adventure. The evening was much cozier and spent enjoying movies, (Shark Night and Drive, total opposite flicks!), Apples to Apples, wine, chats and laughs with our wonderful pals, Jen & Braden 😀

Anyway, it is Thursday so it’s time to share some Things I Dig!

1. Being nominated by Sarah from nobodyputssarahinthecorner for the Sunshine Award! She is such a sweet lady, one of the reasons I decided to jump on the ol’ blog train, so it is an honour for her to chose me 🙂 Here are my answers to the Sunshine blogger questions:

FAVOURITE COLOUR – Purple & lime green.

ANIMAL – Cats and bower birds (they are FASCINATING. I am obsessed.)

NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINK – Tea, specifically chai!

FACEBOOK or TWITTER – Lately I’ve been more into Twitter! It is better for networking and ‘meeting’ new people!


FLOWER – Gerber daisies & sunflowers.

PATTERN – Polka dots & leopard print.


NUMBER – 2 (it’s simple and comfortable!)

And now for my nominees!

ACupOfSubtleTea (a blog about life, fashion, recipes, etc.)

NobodyPutsSarahInTheCorner (I have to choose her, even tho she’s already been chosen! Fashion, life, art, kitties!)

Needlings (crafts, fashion, life!)

LoverlyShe (style, DIY tutorials)

Wendy Ding (fashion, illustration)

Vicki Nerino (comics, illustration, perversion)

Sabrina Furminger (books, events, life in BC)

Kristen Harper (Makeup, fashion)

Toddler With Scissors (life, tutorials, The Daily Sock)

Gabry Road (Canadian handmade crafts)

2. My mustache treasury on Etsy ❤

3. I joined tumblr! And nerdbiskit-branded it up of course! Diggin’ it so far.

4. Lady pal birthday celebrations tomorrow night! I can’t wait to give my friend her gift, she is going to LOVE it, and I am also looking forward to dressing up! Any excuse to rock my Bettie Page dress and I’m IN!

5. NEW IDEAS A BREWIN!!! I found a display store this week right near my work and was inspired to rework my current craft display set up, also have new button ideas, ALSO new ideas for merch… OH MY GOSH I can’t wait to get started!

Ok that is all, I am off to finish sewing catnip kitty tea bags, or KITTEA bags as I like to call them. Oh I am so clever…

xoxoxo Lisa

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It’s Thursday Things I Dig!

Yay, a list! I missed last week’s Thursday post. There was nothing awesome to dig about last week! Well, I’m sure that’s not true, I was mostly just crazy busy. But I am back this week, so let’s see what I have to share with you tonight…

Thursday Things I Dig!

1. MUSTACHE CANDIES! My boss brought these back for me from somewhere out East. I think she said Fredericton. They are actually quite delicious and certainly helped to spice up a boring ol’ Monday!

2. My felt arrived! I ordered almost 20 yards of it. There is enough to fashion myself some kind of a craft shelter, where I can escape from reality and sew mustaches for the rest of my life. Ah, yes, the plan has commenced!

3. This was a fantastic week food wise – wild mushroom stroganoff in a white wine sauce (still enjoying leftovers, even 2 days after), and a dinner birthday party at Mandarin! Yum! I have one satisfied tummy.

4. My guest blogger from yesterday, Sabrina Furminger – if you missed it, check it out now! (here). Don’t even read the rest of this post – go directly to view hers! (You can then come back to finish this one off!) I have never had so many blog views in one day, so that was awesome, also I found her extremely inspirational, witty, charming… New girl crush, yes.

5. Ok well I just have to say it: the weather. Yep. I love the heat. I love being sweaty and not being able to breathe properly… EVEN IN MARCH. Bring it on. The best feeling in the world is rocking a dress, TIGHTS FREE! In fact, I’m going to whip mine off right now!!!

6. This FANTASTIC lady has been inspired by my Daily Dress to post The Daily Sock! I am beyond excited to follow and honoured to have been a source of inspiration. What a fantastic idea!!! 😀


Ok, well that’s all I have for you this week. I will be in Ottawa (for REAL this time!) visiting one of my girlfrenz for the weekend, and enjoying some wine time and some hang outs. I can’t wait!!! I need a mini-vacation asap!

xoxoxoxox Lisa

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