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Scully & The Daily Dress

YOU GUYS… I am so excited about the recent announcement from Fan Expo: GILLIAN ANDERSON is going to be there! I am a huge X-Files nerd, so this is awesome news. The only thing that could make this any better is if Mulder was by her side (everyone knows how much I love Duchovny <3) B & I are currently re-watching the entire X-Files series, and are just about to start season 6.

Anyway, I just hope someone will come cover my table for me while I run off to snap pics of Mrs. Anderson and toss her some mustaches. In the meantime, I found this fabulous pin up inspired photo of her – what a hottie:

She just inspired me to go ahead and make a TOP TEN GIRLS that I dig list, to go along with my recent TOP TEN HUNKIE DUDES post from last week – I’d do it if I had time tonight, but unfortunately it will have to wait. I was running around all evening from store to store to find a display for my character tote bags – new this year! WOO! Anyway, with some minor modifications I found something that will do the trick and will sit perfect on half my table without taking up too much space. I’m excited to do one final practice table set up before the show! Here’s a sneak peak:

Anyway, I am off – another busy day tomorrow!

Here is The Daily Dress – another brown one with polka dots. Also I look ‘saucy’ for some reason, so, sorry about that. :p

Don’t forget to check in tomorrow for my GUEST BLOGGER, Freelance Make-up Artist Miss Kristen Harper! Super stoked!

xoxoxoxo Lisa

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