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GUEST BLOGGER: Musician and Designer – Katie Overbeek

Musician/designer, Katie Overbeek

This Wednesday I would like to welcome the very lovely Katie Overbeek to be my guest blogger! I have known Katie since high school, and we have shared many adventures and inside jokes together (involving janitors, dorky boys, mullets and arm hair!) She has always been very talented in the musical department, and I was thrilled to discover that she has also delved into the wonderful world of design and has even started up a lovely little Etsy shop! Hope you enjoy!

nerdbiskit: So, what’s the story? Who are you, and what do you do? How did it all start? Short bio!

Katie: Hey all! Well… Iʼm a full-time musician by trade and run my own professional music studio in Alliston, Ontario. My husband and I also write songs and perform together as a duo we call The SnowPeas. (Listen here!) While music occupies most of my working time, I do have my fingers in a few different pies. Late last year I started a little side business called K.Over Art, designing cards, stationery and jewelry – all of which you can find on my Etsy shop along with a few vintage items. I have also dabbled in web design and created the site for my music studio, as well as another blog Iʼve called LoverlyShe which is dedicated to my other creative pursuits, and features DIY tutorials as well as some other bits and bobs. Iʼm thinking of redesigning that one soon, and working in some more material on fashion/hair/makeup in addition to the crafting stuff.

nerdbiskit: Why do you do it?

Katie: I get bored – haha. Not bored with my day job itself, because I love teaching; just bored with doing one thing all the time. As one of my sisters recently pointed out to me, I love to create just for the act of creating. It doesnʼt necessarily have to produce anything functional; it might be a disaster. But I have to keep doing it – itʼs just part of who I am.

nerdbiskit: What’s unique about you and what you do? What sets you apart from the pack?

Katie: Iʼm a newbie to this whole craft blogging thing, and the Etsy shop is very much a side thing that Iʼm still getting off the ground. So, in that sense, Iʼm probably in the exact same shoes as about a hundred bazillion other people.

Perhaps something unique about me is the number of things Iʼm involved in. I strive to be good at everything I do. I will tend to give up on something very quickly if I donʼt think I can be good at it – i.e. anything involving painting/visual art. Bad. Just bad.

What I would love is to eventually have a sort of circle of connectivity going between all of those things, in that someone who hears my music would get linked to my Etsy shop, or my blog, or vice versa – in other words, that people would have a number of avenues by which they can get to know me. I like the idea that I could have a multitude of creative ways to make somebodyʼs day just a bit brighter.

nerdbiskit: What/who is your inspiration?

Katie: Iʼm inspired by everyday life – finding beauty and interest in the little things. My camera is always on zoom. When Iʼm designing cards, I am more inclined to use images of textures and objects, as opposed to panoramic scenes or portraits. Iʼll never be one to create anything on a grand scale, but there is so much you can do with the little details of a little thing (which is probably why I enjoy making jewelry!) Iʼm also inspired by the presence of other creative people. A lot of my friends are very creative and I draw ideas and energy from them as well.

nerdbiskit: What are some of your favourite things? (To do, to eat, to think about, etc.)

Katie: That could be a very long list. To condense:
– Family.
– Belting out a song I wrote.
– A good chicken korma.
– Forever 21 (cheap, and generally pretty great!)

nerdbiskit: How do you know Lisa Bell of nerdbiskit? Do you think her mustache obsession is a little ridiculous?

Katie: This question brings back a lot of funny memories 🙂 I met Lisa during high school in Owen Sound. Some of our most memorable scholarly collaborations included a rap based on Shakespeareʼs “As You Like It”, and a rather gruesome project on the bubonic plague. I also remember numerous lunch hours spent cruising around in Lisaʼs “Opaz” (a Ford Topaz that had lost its letter T). Something you may not know about Lisa is that she has an impressive ability to spot a mullet from practically a mile away. Since finishing high school we have remained in touch on Facebook and itʼs been great to keep an eye on Lisaʼs creative endeavors. In regards to mustaches… well, weʼre all entitled to our obsessions, arenʼt we 🙂

nerdbiskit: That about wraps it up! Learn more about this lovely lady via the links below!

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