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Cupcake Fail & 1954

Friday! Today at work, after the most disappointing snow day of all time (there was a call for a huge winter storm and we woke up to… some rain, and no day off!) we had a cupcake eating challenge, which also turned into a huge fail. Miss T was going to eat SIX cuppies, some with buttercream frosting and some with cream cheese frosting, PILED HIGH for a total of $30 OR a bottle of vintage vino. She went into the challenge with full on energy, but it quickly went downhill and left her feeling sick and defeated.

Here is the super anti-climatic event in photos:

Poor girl. At least it made our Friday a little better. We had a whole team in the lunch room cheering her on, and to be fair she gave it her best – next time just needs to develop a better strategy. No breaks, just mow ’em down. Also, don’t eat a sub before hand. This was good practice for next time! WHAT A CHAMP.
Anyway, here is The Daily Dress – sometimes I just want to party like it’s 1954. I loves me a swing dress for some winin’, dinin’ & dancin’.

xoxoxo Lisa

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