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Long Overdue, Thursday Things I Dig!

Well folks, it has been a while since I have written a blog post that wasn’t from a guest blogger… so I figured I would fit in a Thursday Things I Dig! I am sitting here, enjoying tea and oranges, and ready to give you an update on what’s been up and why I’ve been so MIA 🙂 Here’s my long overdue Thursday Things I Dig!

1. ENGLAND tomorrow!!! I am finally venturing across the seas to Europe, though only for a short time – just a week. I am going with 2 people who will be backpacking around for a month or so, and I only joining them during their first week in London. I’m finally EXCITED! It just hit me today when I actually got around to packing… I have 7 dresses, cardis & tights all lined up on my love seat and am ready to roll. (Miss Greta will not be packed into the suitcase, unfortunately. In place of her there will most likely be rain boots.) There will be plenty of sight-seeing, tea drinking, museum meandering & vintage shopping ahead! I plan to come back with a sweet vintage dress 🙂  I promise I will share it with you all!

2. My 2013 nerdbiskit pin-up ‘stache calendar is under way! In case you missed it, I am designing a calendar featuring 11 lovely ladies (myself as the 12th) who share my love of ‘staches! All the mustaches have been mailed and I am anxiously awaiting the pinup photos to start rolling in. This is going to be AWESOME. I’m hoping to have it ready to start selling at FanExpo in August. Part of the proceeds are going to my friend, Tristan’s, MS Charity. I’m stoked that so many people are as excited about it and just as eager to participate as I am! Each lady will receive (or already has) a wearable nerdbiskit mustache and in return, will send me back an AWESOME pin up shot of them wearing that, PLUS a super cute retro dress (or retro something-rather.) Then I will get designing the layout! 😀 I can not even wait! I’ve been busy sewing & mailing out custom coloured ‘staches all week!

3. is well under way and I am hoping to launch it when I return from my trip. I’ve been busy web-designing for the past 2 weeks, off and on or course, and am about 70% complete. I’m pretty excited to share it with you all! During this process, I fell in love with a new program called Adobe Muse. It is one of the easiest programs for web design I have ever used! My site is nice and simple of course, so combined with a nice simple program, this has been a breeze! Here’s a sneak peak (and yes, there are plenty of ‘staches):

4. New ladies night dinner parties are under way with the ol’ work girls. (In case some of you didn’t know, I left my design job a few weeks ago! (Time to nerdbiskit & freelance design full time for the summer, woo!) Because I love my work ladies so much, and was so used to being with them 40 hours a week, I simply could not be without them – so we started a dinner party club! Our first one was last weekend. The host, Miss Tea, made the main course – almond breaded chicken with quinoa risotto & asparagus. I brought the kale salad, and there were also delicious apps & desserts from the others – and plenty of wine! SO DELICIOUS. I can’t wait for the next one, I think I will host it in mid June – I just have to come up with something equally as delicious as the last one!

5. I don’t know if you knew this about me, but I sort of love any excuse to get dressed up… so last night I was invited to be the eye candy/DD at a film screening & awards ceremony, so I rocked a classy black dress and some curls. The dress itself was 30 bucks and I went ahead and altered it by adding a peek-a-boo polka dot hem along the bottom to give it a little extra pizazz. Anyway, here’s me at my attempt to be classy with a 50’s vibe! I promise I didn’t make this awkward winky face in public.

6. I confirmed my first freelance design client! We’ll be meeting up when I return from England to start working away on projects. I am so excited! Freelance designing combined with nerdbiskit-ing for a while is going to be a blast – and a much needed and exciting change!

Ok, that’s about it! I am waiting on a customer to stop by and pick up some ‘staches, and then it is back to packing! I’ve been busy with custom orders lately, which is awesome! Oh, and if you need custom buttons for your weddings and bachelorette parties coming up, let me know – I’ve got some designs ready to go and will be posting them on Etsy when I return. Message me if you need anything 🙂 (INAPPROPRIATE GRAPHICS BELOW)

xoxo Lisa

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Squirrels, Cats, Gnomes… & The Daily Dress Update

TGIF everyone! Fridays just never really get old do they?

This rascal had an awesome start to his Friday, caught him eating out of my discarded peanut butter jar this morning on my way out! I bet it was an incredible taste experience for the little guy! I mean he already loves nuts, but in the form of peanut butter… image his pure delight? HAPPY FRIDAY SQUIRREL FRIEND!

Another busy week for me… but aren’t they all? I finished up 600 buttons for NYC Pride and had lots of Etsy orders to ship out – plenty of bottle openers & pocket mirrors from the ol’ Etsy shop! My Ryan Gosling merch has been a big seller online recently – so if you’re a fan of that lovely man, be sure to check it out! I had a sick day on Wednesday, so I stayed home and ordered plenty of supplies to stock up my craft room! SO MUCH FELT is on its way from Taiwan (I have the best supplier over there) so there are many characters to be sewn for my totes once it arrives! I should post some of those on Etsy soon… okokok I promise after the next show that I will, since so many of you have been asking!

In other exciting news, The Daily Dress is almost all wrapped up! I have one dress saved for St. Patty’s tomorrow, and then I am buying a celebratory dress to finish it up on Sunday! “But Lisa, how do you protect all those fine dresses from evil thieving dress gnomes?” you might ask. Well, don’t worry, I do in fact have a system in place. Meet my 2 body guards, who alternate between day and night shifts of watching over the pile of dresses. They’re pretty intimidating, and so far no one has attempted to get too close… (well there was one person who managed to steal 3 of my dresses, but I owed her in exchange for her bottle opener helper services so the guards let it slide.) So don’t worry, the dresses are safe! And I will post the Daily Dress recap later this weekend 🙂

Greta, dress guard #1: her super power is the ability to be super comfortable any place, any time. (Though I am not sure how that helps fight off the dress gnomes…)

Rico, dress guard #2: this guy is smaller than the average cat and has a cute face, but don’t let it fool you – his claws expand to easily 6″ long are and constantly sharpened on my couch and the side of my bed. He also suffers “short man” syndrome, so he feels the need to constant bite your ankles to provoke a fight. Beware.

Anyway, I have a craft binge ahead tonight, St. Patty’s celebrations with some super cool ladies tomorrow evening, and dress shopping and a dinner date on Sunday with B – so stoked! Hopefully I get lots of mustaches sewn tonight, because I am completely sold out from the last show! I got 4 done last night, so, it’s slowly filling back up… except I need at least 50… SO MUCH TO SEW! Anyone want to be my assistant sewer? For free? I will give you tea and of course an unlimited supply of mustaches!

I also have a NEW SUPER EXCITING DISPLAY for the next show under way, but I can’t show you pictures yet… It just keeps getting bigger and better! WORLD TAKEOVER CONTINUES…

Can I just say, I AM LOVING THIS FANTASTIC WEATHER, might try to sneak in a quick bike ride around the ravine tonight before dinner and ‘stache sewing… off I go!

Have a Happy St. Patty’s everyone!!!
Xoxoxo Lisa

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Top Mustaches! & The Daily Dress(es)

Today I was supposed to be road-tripping to Ottawa with my boy, B, to visit some awesome palsies! But the weather forced us to reschedule for St. Patty’s weekend. I’m pretty bummed, but decided to make the best of it and cheer myself up by making a list of some MARVELOUS MEN WITH MUSTACHES! 🙂 See, easy fix. Simple things always work best. Pass this on to any pals you have that are feeling bummed about winter too. Hopefully the warmth of these ‘staches will help to warm their hearts and souls ❤ Or at least provoke a chuckle or two?

I tried to use one example from a variety of mustache styles! Feel free to share your own fave ‘stached men in the comment section below! ENJOY!


#10. RON JEREMY. Ew. Rocks the Porn ‘Stachegreasy and ratty. No form, no styling aids necessary. Messy and unkempt.


#9. JACK LAYTON. This one is called the Proud Canadian fully gray, or salt & pepper in colour. Neatly clipped; must be worn by a strong, caring, inspirational man in power. Rest in peace, sir.


#8. FREDDIE MERCURY. This is a classic Copstacheextends just beyond the corner of the mouth, and down slightly. Trimmed short. Accompanied by aviator shades and male tank top or cop uniform.


#7. JOHN WATERS. Can I tell you how much I love this man and his bizarre movies? And his bizarre mustache… know as the Pencil Mustachenarrow, straight and thin as if drawn on by a pencil, closely clipped, outlining the upper lip, with a wide shaven gap between the nose and mustache.


#6. BURT REYNOLDS. Um… I am too distracted by this terrifying photo to even talk about his mustache right now… moving on.


#5. HULK HOGAN. HorseshoeOften confused with the Handlebar Mustache, the horseshoe was possibly popularized by modern cowboys and consists of a full mustache with vertical extensions from the corners of the lips down to the jawline and resembling an upside-down horseshoe. Also known as “biker mustache”.


#4: ROLLIE FINGERS. Solid example of the Handlebarbushy, with upward pointing ends, sometimes curled.


#3: CHARLIE CHAPLIN. Toothbrushthick, but shaved except for about an inch in the center; also associated with Adolf Hitler.


#2: SALVADOR DALI. ‘Nuff said. Look at those glorious peaks – this style of ‘stache is even named after him. Dalínarrow, long points bent or curved steeply upward; areas past the corner of the mouth must be shaved. Artificial styling aids needed.


#1. TOM SELLECK. Has he ever NOT rocked this beautiful lip sweater? I can’t remember him without it…I believe this is classified as the Hungarian – Big and bushy, beginning from the middle of the upper lip and pulled to the side. The hairs are allowed to start growing from up to a maximum of 1.5 cm beyond the end of the upper lip.



Anyway, I feel better now. Nothing like a good mustache to brighten the day! I am off to craft, so I’ll leave you with The Daily Dress – from yesterday and today!

Friday Fun Times!


Saturday ‘Stache Surfin’!

xoxox Lisa

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Thursday Things I Dig & The Daily Dress

This has been the BUSIEST WEEK EVER. At work and at home. Full crazy days, plans every evening… I am absolutely exhausted! But looking forward to a mini-vacation this weekend – going to Ottawa to visit a lady friend. I’m excited for a mini road-trip with B and then some hang outs with one of my favourite ladies of all time! ❤

That’s the first thing on the list tonight – 1. MINI VACATION AND PAL TIME!

Here are some other things…

2. I Love… Vanilla & Ice Cream body wash. So friggin’ delicious I could eat it!

3. Strawberry shortcake flavoured gum… mmmmm… you can even taste the whipped cream

4. Kashi honey sesame crackers… they are so addictive. I just can’t stop.

(Moving on from food and delicious smells now…)

5. That damn Gotye song – the video for it is actually pretty cool!

6. Getting my teeth cleaned – I heart the dentist! ❤

7. Got another custom button order – my second biggest of all time!

8. Miss Heather found this on Etsy and shared it with me… kind of need it!

9. I WON ON ROLLUP. Just a free tea, but better than last year, which was nothing.

10. The fact that this week is ALMOST OVER!!! I AM BURNED OUT HARD!!!

Ok, that’s it for me. Off to make keychain bottle openers, write a bio for a blog I’m going to be part of, and catch up on some shows!

xoxoxo Lisa


The Daily Dress:



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Scully & The Daily Dress

YOU GUYS… I am so excited about the recent announcement from Fan Expo: GILLIAN ANDERSON is going to be there! I am a huge X-Files nerd, so this is awesome news. The only thing that could make this any better is if Mulder was by her side (everyone knows how much I love Duchovny <3) B & I are currently re-watching the entire X-Files series, and are just about to start season 6.

Anyway, I just hope someone will come cover my table for me while I run off to snap pics of Mrs. Anderson and toss her some mustaches. In the meantime, I found this fabulous pin up inspired photo of her – what a hottie:

She just inspired me to go ahead and make a TOP TEN GIRLS that I dig list, to go along with my recent TOP TEN HUNKIE DUDES post from last week – I’d do it if I had time tonight, but unfortunately it will have to wait. I was running around all evening from store to store to find a display for my character tote bags – new this year! WOO! Anyway, with some minor modifications I found something that will do the trick and will sit perfect on half my table without taking up too much space. I’m excited to do one final practice table set up before the show! Here’s a sneak peak:

Anyway, I am off – another busy day tomorrow!

Here is The Daily Dress – another brown one with polka dots. Also I look ‘saucy’ for some reason, so, sorry about that. :p

Don’t forget to check in tomorrow for my GUEST BLOGGER, Freelance Make-up Artist Miss Kristen Harper! Super stoked!

xoxoxoxo Lisa

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I Make Buttons, Didja Know? & The Daily Dress

Today was one of the most productive days ever! Not that I don’t often have days like this, I just pushed extra hard since I have so much to get done for my first show of the year, in only TWO WEEKS – Toronto ComiCon on March 10 & 11!!! I will be away next weekend in Ottawa, visiting a very good lady pal (<3!) so I had to get as much done today as possible, just in case this week gets busy in the evenings… you just never know. I think I’m about ready to go, save a few minor finishing touches… oh and signage. Oh, and a display for totes. Oh and a few more bottle openers…. OMG I’M NOT EVEN CLOSE *minor freak out*

Ok, no I think I really am good to go 🙂

Anyway, in case you didn’t already know this about me… I make buttons! LOTS OF BUTTONS. And guess what? I take custom requests for bulk button orders. I have 2 fantastic, semi-automatic professional machines, in 1″ and 2.25″. I updated my Etsy today with the 2.25″ bottle openers, the 1″ buttons are already on there, and soon I will have 2.25″ buttons and pocket mirrors up there as well. (Possibly even tonight!)

I already had my first bottle opener order for bridal shower favours! (I posted about them last Sunday) which I thought was a very cool idea, and have a second order on deck. Woo! Busybusybusy.

If you’re interested in ordering any, just email me:

All the pricing is listed on my Etsy shop, and just because I heart you for following my blog, you can use coupon code BLOGFAN for 20% off 🙂

I also whipped up a Ryan Gosling keychain bottle opener… just because it had to be done.

The process of pressing buttons is sort of calming for me. I could do it for hours… actually, I have done it for hours, many, many times! My largest order so far was for 1000 1″ buttons, it was pretty intense but luckily I had a few months to complete it.

Hmmm what else did I want to tell you… oh yah! My guest blogger this week is going to be the very lovely and talented freelance make up artist, Miss Kristen Harper!

I’m very excited about sharing her awesome work with you! She’s a pretty cool lady, and I used to work with her back in the day as a visual merchandiser… but I don’t want to ruin Wednesday’s guest post!

Ok, I’m out! Signs to be made!

Here’s The Daily Dress – boring ol’ dress for chores and crafting. I also attempted a high bun for the first time… perhaps I might rock it in public sometime, it’s not too terrible I suppose.

xoxoxox Lisa





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Cupcake Fail & 1954

Friday! Today at work, after the most disappointing snow day of all time (there was a call for a huge winter storm and we woke up to… some rain, and no day off!) we had a cupcake eating challenge, which also turned into a huge fail. Miss T was going to eat SIX cuppies, some with buttercream frosting and some with cream cheese frosting, PILED HIGH for a total of $30 OR a bottle of vintage vino. She went into the challenge with full on energy, but it quickly went downhill and left her feeling sick and defeated.

Here is the super anti-climatic event in photos:

Poor girl. At least it made our Friday a little better. We had a whole team in the lunch room cheering her on, and to be fair she gave it her best – next time just needs to develop a better strategy. No breaks, just mow ’em down. Also, don’t eat a sub before hand. This was good practice for next time! WHAT A CHAMP.
Anyway, here is The Daily Dress – sometimes I just want to party like it’s 1954. I loves me a swing dress for some winin’, dinin’ & dancin’.

xoxoxo Lisa

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Crafternoon #1 & The Daily Dress

What a busy day! I hosted my very first (hopefully of many to come) Ladies Crafternoon! It started off small, just the 5 of us today, but I would love for it to grow and see some new faces in the future! Think it got off to a good start though 🙂

We enjoyed some tea, snacks, pineapple cupcakes with pina colada cream cheese frosting, and some delicious cranberry scones with white chocolate frosting. So tasty!

Unfortunately I forgot to start taking pictures until we were wrapping up…. oops! It was also super dark by this time, and my house is poorly lit… I’ll document it much better next time around, promise.

Here are the wonderful ladies who joined me today!

Miss Heather Saunders, aka Needlings. Pictured here, she is stuffing and sewing her famous owl mommas. She runs her own small crafting business and is very successful with her beautiful plush owls and other fun characters! She is definitely an inspiration for me! Check out her Etsy shop, follow her on Twitter, or LIKE her on Facebook. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Miss Jill Secord, a very talented illustrator and designer. She has fabulous style, art wise and also with fashion – are you seeing those fantastic teal colour tights she’s rocking? Today she was working on some commission pieces. You can check out her beautiful illustrations here: or request commissions from her on Deviant Art.

Mrs. Kelsy Leduc, another fantastic illustrator and designer. She is also, upon my insistence, going to start making plush toys during our future craft clubs! Today she was working on a personal project, some beautiful blue pillows for her couch. Check out some of her illustrations here:

Miss Courtney, my sidekick in life – and today, my fantastic assistant! Today she was helping me press bottle openers to fill out a custom order I received which was absolutely wonderful. I let her raid my closet and paid her in dresses. I think that was fair. She’s not so much into the crafting yet, but perhaps some knitting will happen in the future??? Follow her on Twitter because she’s pretty cool.

I just worked on sewing some characters for my cotton totes! Check out my Etsy, follow me on Twitter, and LIKE me on Facebook – if you haven’t already! 🙂

Here’s part of the aftermath at my work station:

We were also joined by the furry princess Greta, who received plenty of pets and love, while Rico was grumpy and hid under the bed. He’s a moody little man sometimes.

Such a fabulous Saturday surrounded by some of my favourite ladies! Hope you all had a good one, too!

Here’s The Daily Dress – I needed something fun for today, so I went with leopard print!

xoxoxo Lisa

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My Kitty Fans & The Daily Dress

Only 4 sleeps until the long weekend! Yep, these are the things I get excited about.

What else do I get excited about, you might ask? Well I also get excited about cats – which is why I make and sell catnip kitty toys as part of nerdbiskit’s merch. The thought of bringing joy into a kitty-cat’s heart just makes my day…. life even! *gentle tear*

Ok that’s a bit creepy, but I do LOVE when people buy my catnip toys, their kitties love it, and they send me action shots! Here are a few of my kitty fans:

Gary (above)

Oreo (above)

Bella (above)

My own kitty, Rico, eating from the catnip jar as I stuff toys.

This last kitty fan found me at Locke Street Festival, an outdoor street gig last fall. I had some extra catnip toys stored in a bin under my table, and this stray came out of nowhere and I found him sniffing and pawing at the bag they were in. Of course for all his efforts to sniff them out and brave the crowds, I gave him one, which occupied him briefly – but then he only wanted more! He kept jumping up on our table trying to get at the fresh toys on display. People kept walking by asking me, “is that your cat?” I know I’m a crazy cat lady, but not quite so insane that I would bring my cat with me to a show!

Anyway, it actually worked out in my favour as the best free advertising I could have ever asked for! It attracted a lot of attention, a bit of a “buzz” you might say. People were buying up cat toys like crazy, based on proof that it obviously worked – and well at that! I’m pretty proud to say I have the most potent catnip you can find – I have not yet heard of one cat that hasn’t gone nuts for a mustache, taco, donut, dagger, bloody bone or teabag. I also stuff them with a LOT of nip which probably helps. No skimping out on this end! It’s all about having a happy cat!

Well that’s enough crazy cat banter. Here’s The Daily Dress. Unfortunately I have no dresses with cat prints to wrap this all up in a neat little package. I’ll get one though, I promise.

Nothing fancy pants today. Just some floral.

Xoxoxo Lisa

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Embarrassing 90’s Throwback & The Daily Dress

Saturday, yay! I spent all day cleaning (I have a guest coming tomorrow… so this place has got to be presentable!) and then went on an Ikea trip. I found myself a sweet new chair for crafting… it’s nerdbiskit green. Of course. My back is going to be SO HAPPY. Splurged a bit, but it was necessary. I have 2 bulk custom orders on deck, plus mad stocking for the next show (only 4 weeks away) so the chair will certainly get it’s use! And also be quickly paid off 😉

So, yesterday was strange in the fact that 3 people told me they’d recently heard a song come on out of nowhere that immediately reminded them of me. All these songs were ridiculous. I guess I’ve belted them out at the top of my lungs in front of these people to the point where they can not get my screeching voice out of their heads – even years later! Thought I’d share them with you guys. If you’re a close pal reading this and have one you’d like to add, PLEASE let me know! I find this hilarious and also slightly embarrassing…

Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch, “Good Vibrations.” Specifically, the female part.

Backstreet Boys, “I Need You Tonight.” I’m a wee bit of a crooner, attempting to seduce the ladies.

LL Cool J, “Doing It.” This one is more recent, I use it to harass a co-worker.

Man, I miss the 90’s.

Anyway, I have to get back to chillaxin’, it’s Saturday night! I need to get off this damn computer!

Here’s The Daily Dress:

This dress is so old, but it’s my favourite. I can’t find a replacement for it no matter how hard I look. It’s pilled and faded but it’s just the comfiest thing in the whole world!

Have a good night, y’all!

xoxox Lisa

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