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Cupcake Fail & 1954

Friday! Today at work, after the most disappointing snow day of all time (there was a call for a huge winter storm and we woke up to… some rain, and no day off!) we had a cupcake eating challenge, which also turned into a huge fail. Miss T was going to eat SIX cuppies, some with buttercream frosting and some with cream cheese frosting, PILED HIGH for a total of $30 OR a bottle of vintage vino. She went into the challenge with full on energy, but it quickly went downhill and left her feeling sick and defeated.

Here is the super anti-climatic event in photos:

Poor girl. At least it made our Friday a little better. We had a whole team in the lunch room cheering her on, and to be fair she gave it her best – next time just needs to develop a better strategy. No breaks, just mow ’em down. Also, don’t eat a sub before hand. This was good practice for next time! WHAT A CHAMP.
Anyway, here is The Daily Dress – sometimes I just want to party like it’s 1954. I loves me a swing dress for some winin’, dinin’ & dancin’.

xoxoxo Lisa

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Crafternoon #1 & The Daily Dress

What a busy day! I hosted my very first (hopefully of many to come) Ladies Crafternoon! It started off small, just the 5 of us today, but I would love for it to grow and see some new faces in the future! Think it got off to a good start though šŸ™‚

We enjoyed some tea, snacks, pineapple cupcakes with pina colada cream cheese frosting, and some delicious cranberry scones with white chocolate frosting. So tasty!

Unfortunately I forgot to start taking pictures until we were wrapping up…. oops! It was also super dark by this time, and my house is poorly lit… I’ll document it much better next time around, promise.

Here are the wonderful ladies who joined me today!

Miss Heather Saunders, aka Needlings. Pictured here, she is stuffing and sewing her famous owl mommas. She runs her own small crafting business and is very successful with her beautiful plush owls and other fun characters! She is definitely an inspiration for me! Check out her Etsy shop, follow her on Twitter, or LIKE her on Facebook. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Miss Jill Secord, a very talented illustrator and designer. She has fabulous style, art wise and also with fashion – are you seeing those fantastic teal colour tights she’s rocking? Today she was working on some commission pieces. You can check out her beautiful illustrations here: or request commissions from her on Deviant Art.

Mrs. Kelsy Leduc, another fantastic illustrator and designer. She is also, upon my insistence, going to start making plush toys during our future craft clubs! Today she was working on a personal project, some beautiful blue pillows for her couch. Check out some of her illustrations here:

Miss Courtney, my sidekick in life – and today, my fantastic assistant! Today she was helping me press bottle openers to fill out a custom order I received which was absolutely wonderful. I let her raid my closet and paid her in dresses. I think that was fair. She’s not so much into the crafting yet, but perhaps some knitting will happen in the future??? Follow her on Twitter because she’s pretty cool.

I just worked on sewing some characters for my cotton totes! Check out my Etsy, follow me on Twitter, and LIKE me on Facebook – if you haven’t already! šŸ™‚

Here’s part of the aftermath at my work station:

We were also joined by the furry princess Greta, who received plenty of pets and love, while Rico was grumpy and hid under the bed. He’s a moody little man sometimes.

Such a fabulous Saturday surrounded by some of my favourite ladies! Hope you all had a good one, too!

Here’s The Daily Dress – I needed something fun for today, so I went with leopard print!

xoxoxo Lisa

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