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June Blog

Time for my monthly blog update! I’ve been busy as usual since my last post ā€“ I moved to Hamilton over the May long weekend and everything went smoothly! It was super fast and easy, and I was grateful for all of the help from family and pals. What a lucky gal I am! It didn’t take long to unpack the boxes and set everything up (we were literally all unpacked by Monday evening, except for a few shelves and wall decorations.) I can’t stand living amid chaos and boxes, so I pretty much didn’t bother sleeping until everything was in it’s place šŸ™‚

It was hard saying goodbye to my retro townie ā€“ I loved this place so much, and so did the kitties:


But it didn’t take long to adjust to the new place, and here are a few of my favourite things/spaces ā€“ first up, obviously, the ‘biskit craft room!!! It was already painted a pale pea green which sort of matches with my brand colours ā€“ how perfect!


I also love the peg board in the kitchen (we cook a lot, so this is amazingly convenient):


I also dig our funky little living room:


and this super sweet retro brown chair that I picked up for only $7Ā  ā€“ what a find! The kitties love it, too (which is the most important part):


New home sweet home ā¤ I also love the area we’re in ā€“ so many beautiful gardens all around the neighbourhood šŸ™‚ And I’m closer to more of my pals now, too (old and new ones) which is exciting!


I got some of the sweetest house warming gifts, including this chalkboard photo frame from my friend Miss Tea. We made them together as a super fun craft project, which was the best part:


And this adorable pom pom plant from Heather ā€“ which matches perfectly in the craft room with it’s green & orange:


Such sweet ladies!

After the move and unpacking were complete, I had to get back to crafting ASAP! May/June are the beginning of wedding season, which is probably the busiest time of year for custom orders (next to Christmas, of course.) Plenty of brides-to-be have been requesting bottle opener keychains and pocket mirrors for wedding favours:


and I’ve also been getting lots of requests for custom couple portrait pillows. I love making these!


I’m super behind in re-stocking for shows with all the requests, but hopefully I can get caught up this week before my next show, Heirlooms, An Etsy Artisan Market, in Welland on Saturday June 15th! My dear friend Heather of Needlings will be there as well which makes it even more awesome! 5 more sleeps!

I did manage to squeeze in one show on June 1st, Craftstock on James North in Hamilton. Always a fun time thanks to Laura, the lovely organizer, and also creator behind Adelaide šŸ™‚ (she makes some super sweet hair flowers so check ’em out at the next Craftstock!) This was my set up for the show (although much less yellow-tinged in person ā€“ haha, sorry about that):


In other exciting news, I got a new job, still as a graphic designer, but at a design agency a little closer to my new home! I’ve always wanted to work at an agency so am super excited. People are always shocked to hear that I work full time on top of running my own bizz, while also balancing a social life… I wish I had the secret to doing it all to share with you. I guess my tips would be: plenty of caffeinated tea! And cat naps! And have lots of crafty friends so hangouts can double as “work” dates! Probably a bit of motivation and passion don’t hurt, either šŸ˜‰

Anyway, after Heirlooms, I am taking July off of shows to prep for the August Art Crawl on James North in Hamilton, Fan Expo, Locke Street Festival, and Supercrawl! My most favourite shows of the year! WOO HOO!

Hope you guys are doing great! Happy early summer!

xo Lisa

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A Productive Saturday

Back home now after a busy morning of errands, and ready to get some work done! I stopped by Chapters to see my crafty lady friend’s display of owls & plush toys – looks like they’ve been selling well and she needs to restock! (Pretty sure I read on her Facebook that she’s restocking today, actually!) I cleaned it up a bit for her and removed the random monkeys that were in her space. (I couldn’t help myself, I worked as a visual merchandiser for a few years so I think that still sticks with me. I’m the person who follows behind you in the store and refolds the mess you make when you unfold all the clothing. Oops.)

Here’s my friend Needlings display:

You can check out more of her awesome work here:Ā Needlings

Anyway, just a quick post today since I have so much work to get done. I have some t-shirts to press for APAC Varadero and then I’ll be moving on to my craft stuff – packaging keychains & cutting felt characters & sewing mustaches! Yay!

Also, I picked up that bottle of red for the wine club to try tonight, so looking forward to that and catching up on some TV shows… so much to do!

Here’s The Daily Dress – this is my most favourite dress of all time. It’s the perfect Saturday dress – casual, comfy and there are POCKETS! I found this at a thrift shop in Hollywood. I will never ever let this one go. Ever. It needs to be patched up along the seams every once in a while, but other than that it’s perfect ā¤

Have a great Saturday!

xoxoxox Lisa

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