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The Daily Dress

To get myself used to blogging daily (or maybe every 2 days… sometimes even 3…. okokok once a day!) I thought I would challenge myself to a “dress-a-day” post. I have a LOT of dresses, and decided to go through my closet in attempt to wear everything hanging in there at least once before doing laundry (undies, socks, tights and cardigans excluded – I will be washing and re-wearing those as needed!) I’m not being lazy, I just decided that all dresses, shirts and skirts have to be worn at least one time or else they will be taken to the ol’ thrift store for donation! I have way too many clothes – I think 56 dresses last time I counted – so I think it’s time for an early start on some spring cleaning.

Here is dress-a-day numero uno!

I found this guy at “Bullfrog,” a vintage clothing store in Sauble Beach (small town in Ontario near where my parents live.) I have a few favourite thrift shops along the strip that I like to visit while I’m in town visiting the folks, and always find something great. This dress is in rough shape, has lots of tears and a few grease stains, but is a favourite none the less 🙂

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xoxo Lisa

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