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Kickin’ off 2013!

Hi guys! Happy New Year! (I can still say that until the end of this month, right?) Hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and all that fun stuff. Mine was nice and quiet as per usual 🙂 There were plenty of famjams and friendly visits, and I even took a bit of a break from crafting, although I still had plenty to do and restock from all of my holiday shows!

After New Year’s I got right back to work, of course! I started off with a few new button designs, “cats are my boyfriend” and Gangnam style (how could I resist). They will also be available as bottle opener keychains in my Etsy shop in the near future!


And of course, Grumpy Cat! (He’s not on a button yet, but will be shortly):


I also sewed plenty of mustaches, catnip kitty tacos, and a few new character tote bags as well.



I think I’m right on track for my first show of the year, coming up in just 2 short weeks: Craftstock in Hamilton, ON on February 2nd! I’m pretty excited since shows don’t usually kick off until mid-March for me, so it’s nice to get started earlier this year!

I even had a special visitor come see me for a working afternoon this past weekend! The wonderful illustrator/comic artist Vicki Nerino. (You can read her guest blog interview here.) We did a whole lot of catching up, while also getting some things checked off our to do list! I was working on buttons for NYC Pride, while she doodled characters for some upcoming comic books for TCAF!


It’s always nice to have some company while I work 🙂 My usual crafternooner, Miss Heather from Needlings, and I have taken up a new venture of exploring tea rooms! Well just one so far, but we plan to visit a whole bunch more, Tea Tour 2013! This first one, Taylor’s Tea Room, in Dundas was quite lovely. We also found a nice door to pose in front of on our way home!



And look what that lovely lady made me, my very own nerdbiskit craft show skirt!!! I’m so excited to wear it at my next show! Eee!


After Craftstock, I will be a vendor at Toroto ComiCON on March 9th & 10th! Super excited for that as usual 🙂

Well I better get back to work, there are custom button orders for NYCPride to complete!

xoxoxoxo Lisa

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Sunshine Award & Thursday Things I Dig!

I’ve been a busy little bee over the past week, restocking for my next show coming up in April – and oh, so quickly does it approach! This past weekend I was visiting my lady friend in Ottawa, so wasn’t able to have my usual Friday night craft binge, and fell a little behind! No worries, I will catch up this weekend and it was definitely worth the set back in mustache production – I needed a mini-vacation anyway! B & I stayed in this adorable little wood cabin just outside of the city while we were there, on the premises of a very, very overweight black and white cat. Luckily, he didn’t threaten us too much, since we were only there for one night. We spent the afternoon wandering around downtown Ottawa, visited parliament and checked out ByWard market! It was a bit cold and we were not dressed for too much outdoor activity so it was a relatively quick adventure. The evening was much cozier and spent enjoying movies, (Shark Night and Drive, total opposite flicks!), Apples to Apples, wine, chats and laughs with our wonderful pals, Jen & Braden 😀

Anyway, it is Thursday so it’s time to share some Things I Dig!

1. Being nominated by Sarah from nobodyputssarahinthecorner for the Sunshine Award! She is such a sweet lady, one of the reasons I decided to jump on the ol’ blog train, so it is an honour for her to chose me 🙂 Here are my answers to the Sunshine blogger questions:

FAVOURITE COLOUR – Purple & lime green.

ANIMAL – Cats and bower birds (they are FASCINATING. I am obsessed.)

NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINK – Tea, specifically chai!

FACEBOOK or TWITTER – Lately I’ve been more into Twitter! It is better for networking and ‘meeting’ new people!


FLOWER – Gerber daisies & sunflowers.

PATTERN – Polka dots & leopard print.


NUMBER – 2 (it’s simple and comfortable!)

And now for my nominees!

ACupOfSubtleTea (a blog about life, fashion, recipes, etc.)

NobodyPutsSarahInTheCorner (I have to choose her, even tho she’s already been chosen! Fashion, life, art, kitties!)

Needlings (crafts, fashion, life!)

LoverlyShe (style, DIY tutorials)

Wendy Ding (fashion, illustration)

Vicki Nerino (comics, illustration, perversion)

Sabrina Furminger (books, events, life in BC)

Kristen Harper (Makeup, fashion)

Toddler With Scissors (life, tutorials, The Daily Sock)

Gabry Road (Canadian handmade crafts)

2. My mustache treasury on Etsy ❤

3. I joined tumblr! And nerdbiskit-branded it up of course! Diggin’ it so far.

4. Lady pal birthday celebrations tomorrow night! I can’t wait to give my friend her gift, she is going to LOVE it, and I am also looking forward to dressing up! Any excuse to rock my Bettie Page dress and I’m IN!

5. NEW IDEAS A BREWIN!!! I found a display store this week right near my work and was inspired to rework my current craft display set up, also have new button ideas, ALSO new ideas for merch… OH MY GOSH I can’t wait to get started!

Ok that is all, I am off to finish sewing catnip kitty tea bags, or KITTEA bags as I like to call them. Oh I am so clever…

xoxoxo Lisa

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My Kitty Fans & The Daily Dress

Only 4 sleeps until the long weekend! Yep, these are the things I get excited about.

What else do I get excited about, you might ask? Well I also get excited about cats – which is why I make and sell catnip kitty toys as part of nerdbiskit’s merch. The thought of bringing joy into a kitty-cat’s heart just makes my day…. life even! *gentle tear*

Ok that’s a bit creepy, but I do LOVE when people buy my catnip toys, their kitties love it, and they send me action shots! Here are a few of my kitty fans:

Gary (above)

Oreo (above)

Bella (above)

My own kitty, Rico, eating from the catnip jar as I stuff toys.

This last kitty fan found me at Locke Street Festival, an outdoor street gig last fall. I had some extra catnip toys stored in a bin under my table, and this stray came out of nowhere and I found him sniffing and pawing at the bag they were in. Of course for all his efforts to sniff them out and brave the crowds, I gave him one, which occupied him briefly – but then he only wanted more! He kept jumping up on our table trying to get at the fresh toys on display. People kept walking by asking me, “is that your cat?” I know I’m a crazy cat lady, but not quite so insane that I would bring my cat with me to a show!

Anyway, it actually worked out in my favour as the best free advertising I could have ever asked for! It attracted a lot of attention, a bit of a “buzz” you might say. People were buying up cat toys like crazy, based on proof that it obviously worked – and well at that! I’m pretty proud to say I have the most potent catnip you can find – I have not yet heard of one cat that hasn’t gone nuts for a mustache, taco, donut, dagger, bloody bone or teabag. I also stuff them with a LOT of nip which probably helps. No skimping out on this end! It’s all about having a happy cat!

Well that’s enough crazy cat banter. Here’s The Daily Dress. Unfortunately I have no dresses with cat prints to wrap this all up in a neat little package. I’ll get one though, I promise.

Nothing fancy pants today. Just some floral.

Xoxoxo Lisa

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Friday Slacker

It’s Friday! Let the weekending begin! I always love Fridays, even though it’s still a work day – must be the anticipation of 2 days off! It also helped that we were treated to Starbucks this morning (dirty chai for me, my fave!), a team lunch (veggie burger with avocado & sprouts!), and the best part of this particular Friday, was that the girls and I decided to start a wine club! We’re going to sample a new wine every weekend – here’s this week’s selection: Rossobastardo. I’m so excited to have some other people to share my love of vino with, and I think it’ll be very cool to learn more about the world of wines, since I’ve been a fan for a few years now. This will be our first weekend, so I’ll probably start a little wine review page on my blog next week 🙂

Also, an update on the catnip tea – once brewed did not interest the kitties in the least. Definitely not potent enough, and I think the other ingredients were overpowering (ginger, fennel, orange and peppermint.) It wasn’t the most delicious tea I’ve ever had, but it wasn’t bad either.

Tonight I’m going to hang out with a giant oversized Dane puppy, enjoy a glass of wine from the club’s first selection, and spend some time chillin’ with my home slice, B.

Here’s the pup, his name is Odin and he’s only 6 months old!

As for The Daily Dress, today was casual Friday at work, so I’m in skinnies and not a dress *gasp* I’m going to cheat a bit and post a dress photo from last Friday night, which I wore to a dinner date. I forgot I even had it in my closet, but really dig the mod style it’s got going on. It’s a keeper!

 xoxoxo Lisa

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Catnip Tea, Lollipops & The Daily Dress

Mmmm, currently enjoying some Saigon Chai from DavidsTea, which I purchased last night on my tea date! It only took one sip to become my new favourite chai. I also found bought some catnip tea! Well, it’s actually an organic herbal blend with fennal, ginger, peppermint, orange and some other stuff, but catnip is on that ingredient list. I’ve been curious about making tea with catnip for a while now… I hear it’s great for headaches! But the scent has always been a little off-putting. Anyway, I will report back on how it tastes. I tested the dry leaves on the kitties, Rico ate a little bit but wasn’t too interested. Greta just pranced off. They are the biggest nip addicts I’ve ever seen, so I’m guessing the catnip potency just wasn’t up to their standards. We’ll see if that changes once it’s in hot tea form – perhaps more of the fumes will be released and they’ll go nuts!

I have a dinner date with my parents this evening, then I’ll be working on mustaches, starting on a guest blog post for Nobody Puts Sarah in the Corner, and that’s about it 🙂  

I’ll leave you with The Daily Dress:

This grapes soda dress was a birthday gift purchased from Modcloth (I picked it out, of course.) It looked amazing online but fits rather strange up top and is a bit too short for my liking. It’s going in the “maybe” pile. It pairs well with bright green tights, and I sort of feel like a lollipop today – which makes it a cheery little pick-me-up dress for a boring ol’ Wednesday.

 xoxox Lisa

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