March Photo A Day

1. “Up” – Ceiling at work.

2. “Fruit” – The most delicious kind…

3. “My Neighbourhood” – Circa 1975.

4. “Bedside” – I always find Rico snuggled up next to B’s stinky ol’ moccs by the bed. Ew.

#5. “A Smile” – Oral hygiene rocks, my friends!

#6. “5PM” – In my car, ready to head home. Ridin’ off into the sun – Freedom!

#7. “Something I wore” – Vintage sunnies, and NO WINTER JACKET today! Spring is coming!

#8. “Window” – with lots of plants!

#9. “Red” – mustache!

#10. “Loud” – inside the convention hall

#11. “Someone I talked to” – alllllllllllllllll day long!

#12. “Fork” – May the Fork be with you!

#13. “Sign” – Peace, yo!

14. “Clouds” – Couldn’t find a single one today!

15. “Car” – Car BFFs, parked side by side with matching mustaches in the rearview!

16. “Sunglasses” – A few of my favourite pairs.

17. “Green” – Rockin’ a neon green mustache for St. Patty’s!

18. “Corner of my home” – A very messy one, where I get all my work done!

19. “Funny” – Mustache candy!

20. “Before and After” – Fog in the am, sun in the pm

21. “Delicious” – 3 hour dinner party at Mandarin…. mmmmmm #nomnomnom

22. “Kitchen Sink” – Bubbles!

23. “Moon” – or lack thereof.

24. “An Animal” – Dog with a mustache bowtie.

25. “Breakfast” – Caffeine for the 4.5 hour drive home from Ottawa.

26. “Key” – To my home ❤ Love opening this lock every single time!

27. “My Name” – Spelled out in wearable mustaches!

28. “Trash” – Every time.

29. “Feet” – Up & chillin’ while I work away on catnip kitty toys!

30. “Toy” – Rico’s fave. Carries him all over the house.

31. “Where I relax” – Usually there is incense burning and a kitty close at hand.

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