February Photo A Day

I wanted to jump on board halfway through last month’s photo a day challenge, but I decided to wait and start fresh with a new month. Enjoy 🙂 #febphotoaday

The challenge:

DAY 1: My View

My beautiful view today, and every other week day! ❤

DAY 2: Words

…With Friends, to pass the time!

DAY 3: Hands

High-fives in action with the wine club!

DAY 4: Stranger(s)…

in a crowd.

DAY 5: 10am

Still in bed with Miss Greta. Lazy bones.

DAY 6: Dinner

Loaded nachos! Beans, corn, onion, mushrooms, garlic, lettuce, cheese, guacamole, sour cream & salsa! #nomnomnom

DAY 7: Button

My newest and my new favourite pin-back button!

DAY 8: Sun

Peekin’ out from the office, wishing I could bask in it…

Day 9: Front Door

to my retro townie. How I love coming home!

DAY 10: Self portrait. Sippin’ tea.

DAY 11: Makes me happy…

So many things. But today, I’m going with cooking!

DAY 12: Inside my walk-in closet (my side of it, anyway.)

DAY 13: Blue

The eyes must match the mustache.

DAY 14: Heart

Our afternoon work pick-me-up.

DAY 15: Phone.

War – iPhone vs. BB

DAY 16: Something new.

Homemade strawberry jam given to me today as a gift!

DAY 17: Time.

One of my favourite times of the day, is LUNCH TIME! 😀

DAY 18: Drink

3 types of tea on hand for ladies crafternoon!

DAY 19: Something you hate to do:

Pluck my eyebrows! OUCH!

DAY 20: Handwriting

My Monday to-do list!

DAY 21: A fave photo of me…

Because I’m surrounded by Elvi! ❤

DAY 22: Where I work…

There is always a kitty, and some tea close at hand!

DAY 23: My Shoes… leopard print moccs!

DAY 24: Inside My Bathroom Cabinet…

is not to be seen by anyone but myself. HA! Also it was ugly and did not make for a very pretty photo.

DAY 25: Green

I found this little green retro phone at B’s house!

DAY 26: Night

Kitties…. are…. TERRIFYING!

DAY 27:Something I ate

A mini cream egg and 2 mini reese’s eggs. #nomnomnom

DAY 28: Money (or, lack thereof.)

DAY 29: Something I’m listening to… my man purring and the sounds of his sandpaper tongue against my nose!


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