WEDNESDAY GUEST BLOGGER: Musician and Bass-guitar Instructor, James Rooke

Session Musician and Bass-guitar Instructor, James Rooke

Finally, another male guest blogger! And he’s a musician! Who doesn’t love a cool dude in a band? How exciting! (Well, at least for me… hopefully for you, too.) I am pleased to welcome James as this week’s guest blogger! Him and I have had some pretty good chats about self-employment, the desire for world domination, and of course mustaches. His determination and dedication to his music is definitely inspiring – and he’s pretty awesome at what he does too, which is a plus! I have not yet seen him live in action, but promise to one day. And you should too! Check out his website to see who he’s touring with and when… I’ll do the same 🙂 Enjoy!

nerdbiskit: So, what’s the story? Who are you, and what do you do? How did it all start? Short bio!

James: I’m James Rooke (a.k.a Modern Era Pirate): Ottawa-based session musician and bass-guitar instructor. I started playing music in Grade 7. I quickly became a hardcore band geek! I couldn’t escape my love of music. My focus eventually switched from formal school-related ensembles to indie music. At the moment, I tour internationally and record with a variety of groups/artists/genres.

YOUTUBE VIDEOS – listen while you read on 🙂

Melody for Grandma (1923 Piano)

JW-Jones LIVE at the Savoy Theatre (Bordesholm, Germany)

Grand Motel – May (offical music video)

nerdbiskit: Why do you do it?

James: It makes me sad when someone can play music but chooses not to. It’s also out of my control I think – my passion is too strong. Music has been the most important thing in my life for over 15 years now! There’s a universal, timeless connection people have with music and rhythm. There’s so much complexity and yet so much simplicity.

nerdbiskit: What’s unique about you and what you do? What sets you apart from the pack?

James: There seems to be a general lack of bassists in society, hah. Trying to play music professionally is a vicious competition! It’s hard enough for a band to stand out against another band let alone the sub-level of musicians trying to compete for a spot within those groups. My “fight” is way easier than a guitarist. Playing with multiple groups also puts my “eggs in lots of baskets.”

I also have a well-rounded understanding of music. Learning classical music formally throughout school gave me a head start; Practice discipline, performance experience, theory knowledge – all transferable to my day-to-day life now.

nerdbiskit: What/who is your inspiration?

James: Inspiration is everywhere! I’m just trying to absorb as much of it as I can by studying other bassists, watching my friends perform, jamming with friends, an energized audience, playing along with my favourite albums at home, learning a variety of genres, having creative conversations, travelling, enjoying the beautiful Ottawa summer… inspiration is everywhere!

nerdbiskit: What are some of your favourite things? (To do, to eat, to think about, etc.)

James: Music is incredibly encapsulating – I’m not big on TV, video games, sports, reading, etc. It’s my job, my leisure activity, my passion, my social activity, my hobby. Although, I haven’t found a way to eat music… yet.

I love using my slow-cooker, not for stews but for ribs, roasts and various other meats in large portions. I can also turn any conversation topic into a Simpsons reference. I like photography. I used to use a dark-room and all analog techniques. Now I have an iphone and some apps. The joys of technology…

nerdbiskit: How do you know Lisa Bell of nerdbiskit? Do you think her mustache obsession is a little ridiculous?

James: I know Lisa of nerdbiskit fame through my cousin (another crafter: SparkleGirl). I wouldn’t call her MO obsession ridiculous. I know a lot of people who dig mustaches. What separates Lisa is her desire to always wear a MO! It confuses me sexually…

nerdbiskit: That about wraps it up! Follow James on his musical ventures via the links below:


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