Wizard World Recap!

Thursday Things I Dig is going to be replaced with a recap of Wizard World Comic Con which was in Toronto last weekend! Oh man, so many good times… where do I start! Well, it was really great to meet a lot of Twitter pals in person! That was definitely a highlight for me, being able to put faces to some names! It was also amazing to make so many new pals, and might I say that the guests and fellow vendors at this particular show were among the nicest, most supportive and friendliest group I’ve ever encountered! I received so much love and positivity over the full 2 days, I honestly felt like I was in heaven – oh yah, that combined with the fact that I got to meet THE HONKY TONK MAN!!! He is an 80’s wrestler that looks like Elvis… AMAZING. He told me that we made a great couple, and I think he might be right (I’m the one on the left)… judge for yourself. (I did this for you, mom!)

I didn’t really get to leave my table unfortunately, I was solo for the weekend, but I was lucky to have a very good friend of mine let me borrow her mom on Saturday afternoon – she brought me cookies and tea and sat beside me and knitted while I sewed – it was pretty fantastic. We totally bonded and there was lots of talk about cute boys and also we hugged a lot. (Don’t be jealous, Heather, your mom still loves you more!)

Here’s my table set up! The most epic one yet!

I was also asked to do 2 interviews! AHH! So my interview skills may be lacking, but I’ve only ever done 2 before in my life so I’m allowed to be a little awkward. Mostly we talked about mustaches. I promise I’ll work on some better material and work in some ‘stache jokes for the next ones… Anyway, one interview was done by MEGASHAUN from The Electric Playground – he is one of the nicest, hippest dudes, pretty much in the world. It was pretty impossible to say no to an interview with him. I promise to share if it’s not terribly embarrassing 🙂

The second was for Get Your Geek On! by KStew, which will be airing this Sunday, April 22 from 7pm – 10pm. I’m very excited to check it out! It was a pleasure to meet this lovely and fun lady!!! 😀

I also want to give a shout out to a few other fantastic peeps!

  • My show neighbours, who were fantastic table sitters when it was time for a pee break – also fun to chat with during slow times! (There weren’t too many!) Ink’d Well Comics

  • My new pal Niki from Peachy Keen Pets. Her and I are plotting some world domination type stuff for future cons… I will keep you posted!
  • The fantastic artist, and well dressed gentleman, Adam Tupper (below)

AND I CAN’T FORGET MY AMAZING MUSTACHE FANS!!!! I HEART YOU ALL SO MUCH! (Check out my entire mustache fan album on Facebook!)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and can’t wait until the next one! Well, the next show is not a con, but an outdoor market called First Sunday Stroll in Fonthill on June 3rd… super stoked! Come visit me – bring tea & cookies!

xoxox Lisa



  1. It was great meeting you, Lisa! Thanks for the shout-out, and we hope to see you again soon at other events where maybe we can have a live and in-person cat-off! Pandemonium!

    • nerdbiskit said

      Oh, you are most welcome! That would be absolutely wonderful! Done and done 😀

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