GUEST BLOGGER: Button Designer Extraordinaire – Brandon Wagner of TheBRWDesigns

Button Extraordinaire, Brandon R. Wagner

I am excited to share this story of an up and coming sensation in the world of buttons, (and soon possibly plush?) both worlds which I myself love very much: introducing my very first MALE guest blogger, Brandon R. Wagner of TheBRWDesigns! I was going to focus on featuring ladies only on my blog, but this young gentleman’s determination, motivation and talent – at a ripe young age of 16 – simply cannot be ignored. I only see amazing things in store for him. His world domination may even far surpass mine, as he certainly has a head start, and I wish him nothing but the absolute best of luck! I am excited to follow him along his journey. Enjoy and be inspired!

nerdbiskit: So, what’s the story? Who are you, and what do you do? How did it all start? Short bio!

Brandon: I started making buttons with doodles and collages when I was only 12, after begging my mother for a button machine of course. My love for selling and business ethic goes back to when I was in primary school; I’ve always been a business man. After being elected president of my business class in high school, and even winning a trophy for persuasive speeches I’ve realized I not only have a love for art, I have a passion for business. I left public school and started homeschooling in tenth grade to focus on my business, and it’s been amazing since I launched. I’m at the post office twice a week shipping out all sizes of orders. I recently started selling on Etsy and things have been more than amazing. I also sew and plan on making plushes a part of my product line soon!

nerdbiskit: Why do you do it?

Brandon: Why do I do it, simple but strong question. I myself, represent a strong crowd of adolescents in a way. Anime lovers, mustache lovers, cute and kawaii lovers. I could rarely find a shop that would make me go WOW this is ME. So I made one. Also, I want to make a great living for myself and pay off my parents’ home and part of my college. That’s expensive stuff!

nerdbiskit: What’s unique about you and what you do? What sets you apart from the pack?

Brandon: Everything in my store connects, as in my style pulls through with everything I have. Not just products, but descriptions, the way I treat customers and big orders. I’m making my business a part of my life. I’m not just Brandon, I’m Brandon with the business.

nerdbiskit: What/who is your inspiration?

Brandon: Looking at my style one may say “He’s inspired by Japanese kawaii culture” but that’s not true. I do like kawaii, but it’s not my thing. I like anime and do lots of fan art, but apart from that my inspiration comes from my everyday life. Drawing mustaches on my finger, to quotes I have tattooed on my body. I spend hours each day on minecraft, a game, creating worlds and themes that string nicely together. I see that pattern in my shop.

nerdbiskit: What are some of your favourite things? (To do, to eat, to think about, etc.)

Brandon: Writing – I love creating worlds that I can call mine and call all the shots in. I love monsters, even the whole monster in your closet idea fascinates me. I’m not so much of a mall rat like most of the kids my age, I’m more of a hiker and dog walker (when I do go out). Though I would rather spend time at home, focusing on school, business and my amazing family. Family would have to be my favorite thing…. Okay maybe mustaches or Ellen. Hmm…

nerdbiskit: How do you know Lisa Bell of nerdbiskit? Do you think her mustache obsession is a little ridiculous?

Brandon: I met Lisa on twitter and went “OH MY GOSH WE’RE GONNA BE BEST FRIENDS.” After we saw each others style, which are so different yet so similar, we ended up befriending each other. Nothing fancy! Living in a separate country and all! The first thing we talked about was our love for mustaches so… hehehehehee

nerdbiskit: That about wraps it up! I am so excited to see what lies ahead for this guy! Such an inspiration 🙂 Check out his super fun button designs and follow his journey to world button takeover via the following links!


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  1. Brann said

    ❤ Thank you so much for your words Lisa, it makes me feel good to know you have my back :3 ❤


    Mustache friends forever,.

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