Success! & The Daily Dress

Well folks, my first show of the year was a huge success! Toronto ComiCON was a blast, 2 days of networking and catching up with pals, old and new! It was fantastic to see so many familiar faces and to meet so many new ones, too. I just love the positive energy at shows and the number of exciting opportunities that present themselves. (I can’t wait to share some very exciting news with you all in the near future, but must keep it secret for now… OH MY GOSH I HATE KEEPING SECRETS! But I must…) Anyway, I sold so many mustaches and took plenty of photos of very awesome ‘stache fans – you can see the entire album on my Facebook fan page.


I didn’t get much of a chance to wander around, only quick bathroom breaks and then back to the table to sell! It was a blast and I always find it hard to head back into the ‘real world’ on the Monday after. Sigh. Oh well, only 5 more weeks until the next show, Wizard Comic Con in April.  I have a ton of restocking to do – mostly mustaches, catnip kitty toys, and unisex cotton totes (not yet for sale on Etsy)! 😀 Those were the big sellers this past weekend, along with buttons as per usual! 🙂 I also decided that I need to restructure my display to hold MORE product and maximize such a small space (6 feet is just not going to cut it). Also I am hidden behind a wall of merch which posed to be problematic… anyway, some minor tweaking and new displays and I should be good to go by the next one!

To everyone who bought a nerdbiskit mustache at the con this weekend – or ever – you didn’t even know it, but half of the ‘stache money gets donated to the Tristan WilliaMS Charity (for MS!) So you are awesome for rockin’ a stache AND for supporting a good cause! Thank you so much!

I should also let you know that The Daily Dress is coming to an end! I took a break this weekend because of the con, so here is today’s:

I will do a recap once it’s finished up and a final dress count. AND THEN BUY A DRESS TO CELEBRATE! WOO!!! 😀

Anyway, I am off to wrap up my button order for NYC Pride!

Check in tomorrow for my Wednesday Guest Blogger, musician/artist Katie Overbeek of The Snow Peas.

xoxox Lisa



  1. I can’t wait to hear about your exciting news! 🙂

    I am super excited for you and nerdbiskit! I love hearing about your shows. I need to get my passport ASAP so I can come visit. haha

    I’m a little sad that the daily dress is almost over but I am far more impressed at your huge collection! lol I really can’t wait to see your celebratory dress 🙂

    I hope you are having a great week!


    • nerdbiskit said

      Thanks so much Hannah!!!!! You definitely need to come visit, OR I will just have to start traveling for shows! Either or 🙂 I would absolutely LOVE to do the Renegade Craft Fair or San Diego Comic Con… that is one of my big dreams! Although, I have no idea how I would travel with all my crap! Lol.

      I am having a much tamer week than the last two, which is a nice relief. I hope your week is going well, too!

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