Thursday Things I Dig & The Daily Dress

This has been the BUSIEST WEEK EVER. At work and at home. Full crazy days, plans every evening… I am absolutely exhausted! But looking forward to a mini-vacation this weekend – going to Ottawa to visit a lady friend. I’m excited for a mini road-trip with B and then some hang outs with one of my favourite ladies of all time! ❤

That’s the first thing on the list tonight – 1. MINI VACATION AND PAL TIME!

Here are some other things…

2. I Love… Vanilla & Ice Cream body wash. So friggin’ delicious I could eat it!

3. Strawberry shortcake flavoured gum… mmmmm… you can even taste the whipped cream

4. Kashi honey sesame crackers… they are so addictive. I just can’t stop.

(Moving on from food and delicious smells now…)

5. That damn Gotye song – the video for it is actually pretty cool!

6. Getting my teeth cleaned – I heart the dentist! ❤

7. Got another custom button order – my second biggest of all time!

8. Miss Heather found this on Etsy and shared it with me… kind of need it!

9. I WON ON ROLLUP. Just a free tea, but better than last year, which was nothing.

10. The fact that this week is ALMOST OVER!!! I AM BURNED OUT HARD!!!

Ok, that’s it for me. Off to make keychain bottle openers, write a bio for a blog I’m going to be part of, and catch up on some shows!

xoxoxo Lisa


The Daily Dress:





  1. Rachel said

    #5 – me too, lol!

  2. DITTO on # 4!!

    • nerdbiskit said

      SOOOOOO DELISH! We should binge eat an entire box at work one day! I DARE YOU!

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