GUEST BLOGGER: Freelance Make Up Artist – Kristen Harper

Freelance Make-up Artist, Miss Kristen Harper

This Wednesday, I would like to welcome Miss Kristen Harper, a lovely and talented freelance make up artist! I met her a few years back, when she hired me to take her place as a visual merchandiser. She left some pretty big shoes to fill, but I did my best and she was an excellent trainer. I’m excited to see how well she’s doing with her freelance work, and can’t wait to hire her for my wedding one day! (Hopefully this happens before I’m too old and wrinkly, though I’m sure she would make me look fantastic even if I am) 🙂

She does fantastic work, and I love the amount of creativity she puts into her photoshoots! My favourite was Twisted Disney – make sure you take a peek after you read the interview! ❤ ENJOY!

nerdbiskit: So, what’s the story? Who are you, and what do you do? How did it all start? Short bio!

Kristen: My name is Kristen Harper and I am a Makeup Artist. I guess it all started when I was a kid. I would spend my days drawing pictures and cutting out images of celebrities from every magazine I could find for inspiration. I used to get into my mothers makeup and perform makeovers on the neighbourhood kids. Once I started wearing makeup, I decided to be really creative with it which resulted in many strange looks from my classmates. When it was time to go to college I decided to take a makeup course to improve my skills. I excelled in all of my courses and started to work professionally following my graduation. Over the past few years as a Freelance Artist, I have worked on many weddings, photoshoots and short films.

nerdbiskit: Why do you do it?

Kristen: Because there’s nothing better than the feeling you get when you help make someone feel great about themselves! Plus it’s like playing with Barbies everyday! I love it! I get to be creative and display my artwork on my clients faces everyday!

nerdbiskit: What’s unique about you and what you do? What sets you apart from the pack?

Kristen: I’ve been told by many photographers that my application skills make me unique. It is very important to me that skin still looks like skin. I don’t think anybody should ever look overly made up. Over the years I’ve perfected my technique of making my makeup look flawless in person and in photographs. I don’t think there are any rules to makeup. I believe being yourself makes you the perfect artist. No artist should ever try to be like another artist.

nerdbiskit: What/who is your inspiration?

Kristen: Everything inspires me! I find inspiration in anything that grabs my attention. I’m always getting random photoshoot ideas from watching TV, reading magazines or just walking down the street. I read a lot about other Makeup Artists and how they got started. They inspire me to never give up and continue to work hard to try and get my name out there!

nerdbiskit: What are some of your favourite things? (To do, to eat, to think about, etc.)

Kristen: I am addicted to movies and celebrities. It’s quite the obsession! I am in love with everything vintage and truly think I was meant to grow up in the 50’s! I like to read every free chance I get and draw in my sketch book. Most people know me for my ice cream obsession. I can eat ice cream all day, every day. My favourite is Super Kid from Laura Secord.

nerdbiskit: How do you know Lisa Bell of nerdbiskit? Do you think her mustache obsession is a little ridiculous? Do you have any cool stories you’d like to share?

Kristen: I first met Lisa a few years ago when I worked at a clothing store. I interviewed her to take my position in the store. She seemed like she would be a perfect fit because of her creativity. Eventually we both had to move on to start our artistic careers!

I’ve been watching Lisa’s business grow and think it’s pretty awesome what a little mustache can do!

nerdbiskit: That about wraps it up! Check out more of this fantastic lady’s work via the links below – perhaps even hire her for your own wedding! 😀



xoxoxox Lisa

And here’s The Daily Dress:


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