Oral Hygiene Rocks & The Daily Dress

So I don’t know what it is, but I absolutely LOVE the dentist. Cleanings specifically. I just find it so relaxing… and I LOVE having clean teeth. I suppose I’m a bit of an oral hygiene fanatic – I even floss every single night before bed. EVERY night. Never miss a day. My teeth feel squeaky clean right no so I’m pretty content 😀 I spend as much time flossing and brushing as I do crafting…. er, well maybe not. But close. I at least put the same amount of effort into both!

So it looks like I’m about half way through my Daily Dress challenge – think I’ve reached close to 30 now, and am running low. I might not even be able to wear a few of the remaining ones because they are just far too ugly! My options are becoming less and less and are rather boring now… I was thinking I might continue on with The Daily Skirt, although I have far less of those… probably under 20. I haven’t decided yet.

Here’s The Daily Dress for today:

You obviously can’t tell with the cardi on, but the arms are ripped into pieces… and not in a super cool, fashionable grunge way. More like a dirt bag, you-need-a-new-dress, women, type way. I should probably toss this one. Look how unhappy I am in it, too. PEACE OUT BROWN FLORAL!

Speaking of peacing out, I am off! This is going to be one busy week! Today already flew by and now it’s time to work away on some crafts – I’m thinking I’ll be attaching fabric tags in bags, then if there is time, adding my 2.25″ buttons to Etsy!

 < fabric tags for bags!

xoxoxoxo Lisa



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