Busy Day, Daily Dress

Such a busy lil’ Saturday! I finally got my eye curtain lifted so I can see again (aka=got my bangs cut.) My hair dresser is so 80’s, she cut my layers super short so I can poof & spike it like a rock star. Luckily I’m down with 80’s hair, and even if I wasn’t, the layers will grow out quickly… I hope. I opted out of a shorter cut, which is what I was considering. Maybe for the summer…

After the cut, and some shopping, I was off to a birthday dinner party – fun and delicious! We had steak with wild mushrooms sauteed in red wine, kale salad, & lemon cream cheese cupcakes for dessert – sooo good! Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my iPhone along to the dinner party to snap some pics – but I can assure you that it was fantastic.

Anyway, here is The Daily Dress:

I was petting a Dane puppy in the second shot, but he doesn’t like to sit still for photos. You can kinda see his nose. My hair doesn’t look TOO 80’s in this.

xoxoxoxo Lisa


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