Cupcake Fail & 1954

Friday! Today at work, after the most disappointing snow day of all time (there was a call for a huge winter storm and we woke up to… some rain, and no day off!) we had a cupcake eating challenge, which also turned into a huge fail. Miss T was going to eat SIX cuppies, some with buttercream frosting and some with cream cheese frosting, PILED HIGH for a total of $30 OR a bottle of vintage vino. She went into the challenge with full on energy, but it quickly went downhill and left her feeling sick and defeated.

Here is the super anti-climatic event in photos:

Poor girl. At least it made our Friday a little better. We had a whole team in the lunch room cheering her on, and to be fair she gave it her best – next time just needs to develop a better strategy. No breaks, just mow ’em down. Also, don’t eat a sub before hand. This was good practice for next time! WHAT A CHAMP.
Anyway, here is The Daily Dress – sometimes I just want to party like it’s 1954. I loves me a swing dress for some winin’, dinin’ & dancin’.

xoxoxo Lisa


  1. Poni said

    I’m the destroyer of cupcakes. Mail the leftovers to me

  2. Crissy said

    Oh man trying to eat that many cupcakes at once unsettles my stomach. I can barely handle one lol

    The dress is very beautiful!

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