Thursday Things I Dig & The Daily Dress

It has sure been one crazy and stressful week – even for a short 4 day one! We had our performance reviews at work, which of course I was worried about for absolutely no reason. Anyway, I made it through another one, and here are some things I’ve been diggin’ this week!

1. Kimbra’s album, Vows. There’s a super cool video here: Settle Down Also, I really dig her hair. I’ve been thinking about cutting mine for a while… perhaps just like hers?

2. Take Shelter – this is a fantastic movie, if you’re interested in psychological happenings… probably would feel really slow if you’re not. So good. Still thinking about it.

3. Really loving the orange pekoe tea from my Tassimo! Taking a break from loose leaf, I’m bored with all my current flavours.

4. 4 day work week!

5. My first guest blog post went up last night – if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out: I interviewed the lovely Miss Heather Saunders of Needlings.

6. Came home to a sweet little surprise in my mail box – a handmade thank you card from Sarah of NobodyPutsSarahInTheCorner (she’s also doing a giveaway for one of my wearable mustaches, last chance to enter is tonight, so head over there asap!)

7. This story about a cat who saved a lady’s life just made my day – my whole week even!

8. THE POSSIBILITY OF A SNOW DAY TOMORROW! The storm is on it’s way guys. SNOWDAYSNOWDAYSNOWDAY pleasepleaseplease


Ok, that’s it for me, lots of sewing to do this evening and lots of hoping for the day off tomorrow 😉

Here’s The Daily Dress:

xoxoxox Lisa

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