Guest Bloggers Ahead! & The Daily Dress

Every Wednesday (and possibly Fridays, too) I am going to feature a fabulous creative or amazing person from my pool of inspiration. I went to college with a lot of incredibly talented people, and have met many more over the years – at work, online, at shows, through friends… I thought it would be awesome to showcase what all these awesome people have to offer the world! Nerdbiskit fully supports anyone who is willing to take a chance and put their all into what they believe in – not just half way, but all the way in. Whether it is art, charity, sports – no matter. I want to cover it all!

If you’re reading this, thinking to yourself, WOW I am totally awesome and want Miss Lisa of nerdbiskit to interview ME, then send me an email:

Here’s my first guest blogger, a very talented lady and a good friend: Miss Heather Saunders of Needlings.

And here’s The Daily Dress:

xoxoxo Lisa


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