Felt Characters Are Done! & The Daily Dress

Back to the ol’ grind today… hopefully this work week flies by – only 3 more sleeps until the weekend!

Just working on wrapping up my characters for tote bags. Super excited for them to be completed! These guys are all finished being sewn:

these guys are on deck:

and here’s a sneak peak at the last two that I just finished cutting – I’m sure you can guess who/what they are, just trying to be sneaky 😉

That’s it for me, back to sewing!

Check out my guest blog post and wearable must ache giveaway on Nobody Puts Sarah In The Corner’s blog! She’s the sweetest.

Here’s The Daily Dress – super 80’s. Shoulder pads and everything!

xoxoxo Lisa



  1. Crissy said


    Dress is pretty!

  2. nerdbiskit said

    Thanks so much Crissy! 🙂

  3. […] Rovena: A few months ago, I noticed this girl following me everywhere from Twitter to Instagram. So I said hello! And that’s how I met Lisa. Then I started following her and learned that she is a fellow crafter who makes nice nerdy things. My favourite thing that she makes are her tote bags, particularly in the designs of Yoda, Leia, and Ninja. […]

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