3 Day Weekend! & The Daily Dress

Another busy day for me, though didn’t get as much done as I was hoping for. A few things took longer than expected – designing an ad for your own business proves to be rather difficult. I design ads all day, every single day at my 9-5 so I thought this would be a breeze… but not even close. Anyway, here’s what I have so far (the colours exported horribly, might need your sunnies) :

Also wrapped up this film poster,

and packaged up that custom bottle opener keychain order for shipping out tomorrow.

Next, I’m on to cutting some felt characters – only 2 tote bags left to complete – and then maybe some yoga and reading before bed! So glad we have a 4 day week ahead!

Oh, I also have some EXCITING NEWS! I’m going to start doing “guest blog” posts with the many amazing creative people I know. I’m surrounded by so much freakin’ inspiration, I just have to share it all with the world. I’ve got about a dozen lovely ladies lined up so far, including illustrators, designers, crafters, burlesque performers, make up artists, musicians, and writers! I think it’s fabulous to have such a good variety. If you do something cool and creative that you’d like to share as well, just hit me up for deets on how to get started! Guys are welcome, too 🙂

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Oh, almost forgot, The Daily Dress, of course!

xoxoxox Lisa



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