Sunday Brunch & The Daily Dress

It is such a wonderful feeling knowing that I still have another full day off tomorrow – long weekends rock! It gives me a day to be productive with nerdbiskit work, a day to get chores done, and a day to relax and be lazy! Yesterday was my productive day, and today was a rather busy one – I had a brunch date, did some supply shopping, then did some open-housing in the afternoon. Also finished off my order for bottle opener keychains, which are for a bridal shower (design was provided.) Just have to pack them up and ship them on their merry little way.

I think tonight calls for some pizza, wine & a movie with my homeslice – yay!

I came up with some pretty fun ideas for nerdbiskit and my blog last night… (at around 4am… when my brain decided it was time to turn back on, wake me up and start thinking about this….) so I’m excited to get started and share them with you! Also, to add to my long list of awesome things that have been happening these past few weeks, I’m very excited that I have been asked to be part of a new geek culture blog starting up by Miss Zoe Gulliksen! We are still working out the details, so I will keep you posted as things progress. The ideas are fantastic so far, and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun! 😀 I’m flattered to have been asked to be a part of it and can’t wait to see what we come up with!

Ok, that’s it for me – I’m off for some chill time! Hope everyone else is having a lovely weekend!

Here’s The Daily Dress – thought floral was appropriate for a Sunday brunch and being out and about.

xoxoxoxo Lisa



  1. Long weekends are fabulous! We got so much snow. It’s almost a shame the first real snowfall was on a holiday. No snow days here. Still… it was amazing! I told James that I would be getting my 8 glasses of water from eating fresh snow. I’m such a little kid. We spent an hour last night running around and having a snowball fight.

    Your dress is beautiful, just like you! And definitely brunch appropriate 🙂

    • nerdbiskit said

      Thank you my dear! ❤

      Seriously, the extra day off just makes such a huge difference! I think society needs to be re-structured a bit. What's with the 5 day work week anyway?

      That's funny about eating all that snow, lol, just stay away from the yellow stuff :O We're supposed to get hit with a ton of it tonight! I'm actually looking forward to it – snow day tomorrow I hope!!! *crosses fingers*

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