Thursday – Things I Dig (& The Daily Dress)

Thursday – Things I Dig:

I’ve been so busy all week, I haven’t had much of a chance to ‘dig’ much of anything, to be honest… but I’ll give it a shot! Here goes:

1. Bubblemint lip gloss from Bath & Body Works, that I received from the lovely Miss Tea this week. It is the most delicious flavour – with just enough mint to freshen your breath. Not that you’re supposed to eat it, but if you happen to get a bit on your tongue accidentally it is quite delicious.

2. My slow cooker. When there are busy times like this, it’s the best thing to come home to! Also makes a ton of leftovers to make it through the week! This week’s slow cooker recipe was for Pork & Edamame soup. So good, the pork was perfecto!

3. Being a guest blogger on Nobody Puts Sarah in the Corner’s blog today! So excited! She is a wonderful lady and has been extremely supportive of nerdbiskit. She’s also doing a giveaway for one of my wearable mustaches, so check it out!

4. Reaching 800 followers on Twitter today! Not that numbers really matter, but I’m still pretty excited about it. I remember when I was so anti-twitter, but now I can’t be without it – it’s such a fabulous promotional tool, and I’ve “met” a lot of amazing people through it and made so many connections. Rock on, twitter. Rock on.

5. This little snippet from Tim & Eric. I can’t stop laughing after sharing it at work.


7. Ladies crafternoon this Saturday at my place! I’m excited to craft, chat, snack and drink tea with some of my girlies!

8. This Etsy shop – To Scarborough Fair: hats for cats and mittens for kitties! Thanks to a pal (Vicki!) for sharing this with me. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. I can’t stop thinking about how fantastic Sir Rico would look in a green beret!

There has been a whole lot of good and awesome stuff happening these past 2 weeks, and I am beyond excited for it all! Keep it coming!

Here’s The Daily Dress:

xoxoxo Lisa



  1. Such a foxy lady! šŸ˜‰

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