Hunkie Dudes & The Daily Dress

Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite hunky heart throbs with you. I would absolutely say yes to any one of these dudes if they ever asked me to be their valentine ❀ It was a tough decision, and maybe not the best, but I went with a lot of long time crushes to make my list. Feel free to comment with your own heart throbs – guys or girls!

Let’s count ’em down!

#10. Dallas Green. He’s not really “hot” per se, but he’s certainly loveable with that beard, tattoos, AND he’s a lover of cats. This isn’t the greatest photo of him, but it encompasses all those fabulous qualities.

#9. Heath Ledger. I mean, just look at that smile! I first fell in love with him in 10 Things I Hate About You. RIP.

#8. I wasn’t into David Beckham until recently… when I first saw that H&M underoos commercial during Superbowl. Um, drool. And look at that sweet hair!

#7. Johnny Depp. Obviously.

#6. Joseph Gordon Levitt. Cutie pie all around.

#5. Gavin Rossdale. I loved him in the 90’s, I still love him now. Also I figure if I can get in good with him, I’ll have an in with Miss Stefani. I think we’d be the best of buds.

#4. Daryl Palumbo. GlassJaw, Head Automatica. Not only is it his face but, it’s his music that makes me swoon.

#3. Leo DiCaprio. I’ve loved him since Romeo & Juliet.

#2. David Duchovny. I love his character, Hank Moody, in Californication. But Fox Mulder will always be my number one.

#1: Top pick. Hands down, Ryan Gosling. Come on. Dream boat right? He’s got the whole package. Quiet, mysterious, cool, CANADIAN! I just love ’em. He seems like one super hip cat. Oh, Gosling ❀


That’s it for me! My kitty Rico is really into dudes, so I thought this would make an excellent present for him, since today is his birthday. He’s sitting right up here with me checking out my list as I type this. Anyway, here’s The Daily Dress: celebrating Rico’s 4th Birthday!

xoxoxo Lisa




  1. You’re so lucky that Gosling is a Canadian, too! You guys have stuff in common… I wish I was Canadian… πŸ˜‰

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