My Kitty Fans & The Daily Dress

Only 4 sleeps until the long weekend! Yep, these are the things I get excited about.

What else do I get excited about, you might ask? Well I also get excited about cats – which is why I make and sell catnip kitty toys as part of nerdbiskit’s merch. The thought of bringing joy into a kitty-cat’s heart just makes my day…. life even! *gentle tear*

Ok that’s a bit creepy, but I do LOVE when people buy my catnip toys, their kitties love it, and they send me action shots! Here are a few of my kitty fans:

Gary (above)

Oreo (above)

Bella (above)

My own kitty, Rico, eating from the catnip jar as I stuff toys.

This last kitty fan found me at Locke Street Festival, an outdoor street gig last fall. I had some extra catnip toys stored in a bin under my table, and this stray came out of nowhere and I found him sniffing and pawing at the bag they were in. Of course for all his efforts to sniff them out and brave the crowds, I gave him one, which occupied him briefly – but then he only wanted more! He kept jumping up on our table trying to get at the fresh toys on display. People kept walking by asking me, “is that your cat?” I know I’m a crazy cat lady, but not quite so insane that I would bring my cat with me to a show!

Anyway, it actually worked out in my favour as the best free advertising I could have ever asked for! It attracted a lot of attention, a bit of a “buzz” you might say. People were buying up cat toys like crazy, based on proof that it obviously worked – and well at that! I’m pretty proud to say I have the most potent catnip you can find – I have not yet heard of one cat that hasn’t gone nuts for a mustache, taco, donut, dagger, bloody bone or teabag. I also stuff them with a LOT of nip which probably helps. No skimping out on this end! It’s all about having a happy cat!

Well that’s enough crazy cat banter. Here’s The Daily Dress. Unfortunately I have no dresses with cat prints to wrap this all up in a neat little package. I’ll get one though, I promise.

Nothing fancy pants today. Just some floral.

Xoxoxo Lisa


  1. Love the bright cardigan with the floral. 🙂

    • nerdbiskit said

      Thank you! 🙂 It’s hard to see the yellow flowers in the dress, but it matched almost perfectly!

  2. I also love that Bella made your blog! 😉

  3. Serious color idol… Love the bright cardi with your dress 🙂

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