30 Before 30 & The Daily Dress

I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers making this “bucket list” so I figured I’d jump on board. 30 is only 2 and a half years away for me, so I have a lot to accomplish by then! Wish me luck!
My 30 Things To Do/Accomplish Before I Turn 30

  1. Buy a new car (preferably in lime green.)
  2. Save enough money for a down payment on a house (after I buy my new car.)
  3. Keep up with a minimum of a dozen craft shows/expos per year.
  4. Start selling nerdbiskit in stores – at least 2 or 3!
  5. Travel to Europe. (Hopefully checking this off the list this May!)
  6. Road trip to BC.
  8. Do something awesome for my parents. Send them on vacation somewhere nice.
  9. Develop a campaign via nerdbiskit to raise money for my friend’s little bro’s MS charity – most likely involving mustaches.
  10. Seek out more bulk button, keychain & t-shirt orders – figure out how and where to advertise this service!
  11. Learn how to sew my own dresses and/or skirts.
  12. Stuff and cook a turkey – Host Thanksgiving dinner!
  13. Start liking/eating fish. (I’m already half way there.)
  14. Make some new life-long friends (why not? you can never have too many gfs.)
  15. Further my design career.
  16. Put a ring on it.
  17. Create some new products to sell for nerdbiskit.
  18. Find more ways to relax – need to kick this nervous energy & worrying!
  19. Go to a concert – I haven’t been to one in a few years.
  20. Organize/host my own craft show or event. Start a club of some sorts.
  21. Make more connections at shows or via social media.
  22. Win the lottery.
  23. Start illustrating and/or writing a children’s book. Collaborated effort, perhaps?
  24. Get back into collaging! Enter a collage piece into American Illustration.
  25. Design a website for nerdbiskit.
  26. Find more one of a kind vintage pieces for my home and redecorate so it’s less Ikea catalogue! I’d also like to paint a wall lime green!
  27. Learn more about wine and go on a vineyard tour.
  28. Take a class – life drawing, yoga, small business, marketing, French or web design!
  29. Quit bad habits. (One in particular!!!!)
  30. Take over the world with nerdbiskit (or at least be much closer to world domination.)

Phew, that took a lot of effort! I think I’ll probably go back in and edit this if I think of some better goals, but these will do for now. Plus I need to get back to sewing mustaches!

I leave you lovelies with The Daily Dress:

I picked this beauty up in Vegas last May… at the Bettie Page store! Finding this shop was actually the highlight of my trip… er, at least one of them. I’m a dress-a-holic. I tend to buy a dress as a ‘souvenir’ any time I go somewhere new. Anyway, it’s the perfect party dress, for a girls night out, dinner party, dancing, whatever – night on the town though for sure! I only wish I’d bought like 3 more dresses while I was there, it was a tough decision, but that colour just won me over!

Have a fabulous Friday night everyone, yay!

xoxoxo Lisa


  1. Wendy Ding said

    These are some amazing goals! Sweet of you to want to do something nice for the parents. I too share a lot of these goals – further design career, network more, travel, concert – glad to know I’m not alone!

    PS love the dress!

  2. I love the Bettie Page store in Vegas! I wish I had bought something there while I lived there. Goal for my next trip home? Maybe!

    Great goal list! Some of those are very similar to mine for this year. I really should get working on some of it. Well I am, just not publicly. haha

  3. Good luck! I’ve seen the 30 Before 30 lists popping up here and there, but yours managed to inspire me to make my own (partially because my birthday was 3 days ago, which drove me to make it). http://jessdoesstuff.blogspot.com/2012/02/30-before-30.html

    Oh, and I’m jealous about your visit to the Bettie Page store! Looks delightful.

  4. That dress is fantastic!
    And I think that list is going to keep you awfully busy for the next couple of years 🙂

    • nerdbiskit said

      Hehe, thank you. And yes I am going to be very busy indeed! But that’s okay by me!!!!!! 🙂

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