Thursday Things I Dig (& The Daily Dress)

Oh man, it’s only been a week of blogging and I’m already running out of stuff to talk about on here! Yikes. So I thought it might be cool to have a “Things I Dig” post every week. Don’t laugh if they’re lame. Simple things make me pretty happy…

Things I dig this week:

1. Saigon chai from DAVIDsTea. Spicy & delicious. I love the pink peppercorns!

2. Cupcake Wine – Red Velvet. It’s my current fave red. Not sweet like you might think, actually nice and smooth and delicious on it’s own!

3. My new Kate Spade iPhone case – feels like I have a brand new phone! (I’m sad in this photo because my bangs are too long and I can’t see!)

4. Being asked by one of my good pals, Jen (middle), to be a bridesmaid next summer. This will be my second time in a wedding party – it’s a long ways away but I’m already excited!

5. Driving home after work IN THE SUN! Such a nice change!

6. The most recent Florence & The Machine album.

7. This Feist music video.

8. KALE CHIPS. New discovery. So good. They taste almost exactly like a potato chip… almost.

9. This dress from Modcloth. If my first show next month kills it, I’m treating myself to this!

10. My parents. Bobbles came to visit this week and brought me this giant stack of felt, and my mom sent along a gift for my kitty, Rico’s, birthday! (It was a lid. He’s obsessed with them. Too funny.)

That’s it for this week! Simple yet satisfying.

And here’s The Daily Dress – floral! It’s a keeper.

xoxoxo Lisa



  1. I like this list!! πŸ™‚ So positive! And I def dig that dress from Modcloth, too… hope your craft show KILLS!!!

    • nerdbiskit said

      Thanks lady! I love that dress so much – I better sell a lot of mustaches so I can get it! Hehe!!!

  2. I like your list! Simple things really are the best πŸ™‚

    That dress is out of this world! So pretty. I hope your craft show goes well so you can get it. Sending “BUY BUY BUY!” vibes out there for ya πŸ™‚ haha

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