Polka Dots & The Daily Dress

This week is just flying by! So glad it’s almost the weekend again since I have lots of crafting to do, and also need to get on that cleaning I skipped out on last weekend… I knew that would catch up with me eventually!

One place I always slack on cleaning is this craft room! I am in need of some major re-organization. And I feel like I just did this a few months ago! I can’t believe how messy it gets only days after tidying it up. What I really need is a BIGGER craft room. Perhaps I will have to relocate into the basement… Only thing is it’s all dark and unfinished and filled with SPIDERS! I suppose I will stick it out up here for now, maybe I just need some new giant bins and some shelving – perhaps an excuse for an Ikea trip!? šŸ˜€

Well I have to head out into the cold, so I leave you with The Daily Dress. Polka dots are always my fave! I also like how Rico is creepin’ in the background. He’s being such a suck these past few days – anyone else’s cat acting all latchy lately? Does this mean spring is in the air and he’s feeling frisky? Oh dear.

Happy Wednesday evening!

xoxoxo Lisa


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  1. I have a shirt that looks almost EXACTLY like that dress. Only it has ruffles below the collar and over the bust. Adorable!

    As for organization, I am one of the most organized people ever and I have a HORRIBLE time keeping my craft area/desk/sewing/everything at home area clean. I blame the brick walls and huge windows for not allowing shelves and more bookcases. haha

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