2/5 Down & The Daily Dress

Phew, what a day. Work has been so busy, which is great because the days fly by and that means the weekend will be here sooner! Sometimes I wonder what it might be like if I was putting these 40 hours from my design job into nerdbiskit… world takeover would surely be in the near future! But for now, the ol’ 9-5er pays the bills and is the funding for my hobby. Perhaps one day this might change… and if not soon enough, there is always sugardaddy.com… (TOTALLY KIDDING!)

My pops, who I affectionately refer to as “Bobblez” came for a visit and to take me out for lunch today. He also brought me a WHOLE LOT OF FELT with him! FYI, my dad is my hero.

Tonight I am finishing up those tees for APAC Varadero, sewing ‘staches, and making loaded nachos! Yum!

Here’s The Daily Dress:

Classic black today. Sleeveless with a collar and cute bow in the back. Keeper!

My work pal wanted in on the photo fun, so I took some shots of her fantastic outfit, too! So cute. She’s definitely one of my fashion icons! ❤

xoxoxo Lisa


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