Yoga Cat & The Daily Dress

I got off to a really slow start this morning, ol’ lazy bones… I guess I actually do relax once in a while! But now I’m regretting it because I had a ton of chores to do (cleaning, laundry) plus finish pressing those tees plus a Superbowl party! Eep! I ended up skipping out on the cleaning, the townie will have to suffer through one more week of messiness. At least last night’s craft binge was ridiculously productive and I feel pretty good about the amount of work left on my to-do list! Shows are coming up SO FAST.

I started today off with some yoga – for some reason, my kitty Rico is OBSESSED with me when I’m doing yoga. If I’m doing standing poses, he’s trying to climb up my legs, if I’m sitting poses, he’s in my lap purring and licking me or climbing up my back. He’s a bit of a health nut I guess, so maybe he just appreciates that I’m exercising? Maybe he really likes the scent of my sweat? Ewww! Who knows. Here is him in my lap today trying to join in the yoga goodness:

This was him last weekend before I even got started. So anxious to work out:

And here’s The Daily Dress for Superbowl Sunday! Just an FYI, I’m not into sports AT ALL and only go to this Superbowl party for the AMAZING food, to hang with some peeps, and visit with Sir Odin (the giant Dane puppy.) The dress is pretty summer-y so I had to winterize with a hat & scarf & cardi, as per usual 🙂 Not sure if I want to hang on to it or not… another one for the ‘maybe’ pile.

Ok, I’m off! So mad at myself for slacking this morning. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

xoxoxo Lisa


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  1. I am definitely not into sports either. That is totally James’ thing. He played pretty much every sport growing up so I spent most of the Superbowl catching up with my dad.

    Yoga kitty is ridiculously cute… that doesn’t come out of my mouth often. The older I get the more I like cats. Oh boy. lol

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