Totes Typical & The Daily Dress

It’s Thursday! I’m not sure why that’s so exciting… Typical work day, typical evening of crafting. I think I’m mostly excited because that means tomorrow is Friday, which means it’s almost time for weekending! Tonight I’m just working on cutting out some new characters for cotton totes. Here are a few that are all ready to go – I’m most excited about the nerdbiskit fabric labels on the inside of the bags!

I’ll be selling these at Toronto Comic Con, March 10 & 11. Any leftovers will eventually be posted for sale in my Etsy shop, but for now I’ll need the stock to fill my table. This is a new show for me, so I have no idea what sales will be like. I can’t believe it’s only 5 weeks away! I’m so excited to start doing shows again with my newly re-branded business. Everything feels so much more professional than it did before, which means I am one step closer to world takeover. I even have an expenses & profit spreadsheet! SO PROFESH.

Well, back to felt cutting, I leave you with The Daily Dress…

I wasn’t feeling too fancy so I’m rocking this plain jumper today. Feels like I should be wearing a backpack and making my way over to the library. What a dork I am! I found this on sale at some old lady store with my mom and liked the wine colour. It’s a bit short, (always a problem for me) but it’s cute with tights so it’s staying in the yes pile.

xoxoxo Lisa



  1. The dress looks super, super comfy!! 🙂 When I finally start building up some craft stock, you’re going to have to teach me your profesh ways of running a shop! 😀 Also, I love the Octopus. His eyes are my fave part. haha.

  2. nerdbiskit said

    It is comfy, minus the being a bit short part 🙂 I would love to teach you some of what I know, although I have a lot to learn still! Ask me anything you’d like 🙂

  3. I swear I commented on this. I swear I commented on several of these but I’m finally getting “real caught up” on my blogs so I’ll comment again 🙂 I made silly comment about the ninja being my favorite but as the gods would have it I should like the banana because it rhymes with my name. ha

    Your jumper is adorable! You can definitely pull it off, not so over here. haha

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