Catnip Tea, Lollipops & The Daily Dress

Mmmm, currently enjoying some Saigon Chai from DavidsTea, which I purchased last night on my tea date! It only took one sip to become my new favourite chai. I also found bought some catnip tea! Well, it’s actually an organic herbal blend with fennal, ginger, peppermint, orange and some other stuff, but catnip is on that ingredient list. I’ve been curious about making tea with catnip for a while now… I hear it’s great for headaches! But the scent has always been a little off-putting. Anyway, I will report back on how it tastes. I tested the dry leaves on the kitties, Rico ate a little bit but wasn’t too interested. Greta just pranced off. They are the biggest nip addicts I’ve ever seen, so I’m guessing the catnip potency just wasn’t up to their standards. We’ll see if that changes once it’s in hot tea form – perhaps more of the fumes will be released and they’ll go nuts!

I have a dinner date with my parents this evening, then I’ll be working on mustaches, starting on a guest blog post for Nobody Puts Sarah in the Corner, and that’s about it 🙂  

I’ll leave you with The Daily Dress:

This grapes soda dress was a birthday gift purchased from Modcloth (I picked it out, of course.) It looked amazing online but fits rather strange up top and is a bit too short for my liking. It’s going in the “maybe” pile. It pairs well with bright green tights, and I sort of feel like a lollipop today – which makes it a cheery little pick-me-up dress for a boring ol’ Wednesday.

 xoxox Lisa



  1. I love feeling like a lollipop, but I definitely understand the short-issue with some Modcloth dresses. I had been eying that dress for a while, too! 🙂 Yay for dinner dates with parents and guest posts!! [And mustaches!!!] 🙂

  2. nerdbiskit said

    It definitely fits a little off… which is too bad because it’s adorable! It’s always a bit of a risk buying clothes or shoes online I guess! 🙂 Still working on my guest post for you, not entirely happy with it yet so it needs some editing! 🙂

  3. That dress is super cute on you but I have the same problem with almost all dresses. I’ve never bought anything from ModCloth (yet!) but now I know to consider that! As for the lollipop feeling, go you! I would feel a bit off in that much color but I am working up to it. You are my color inspiration 😀

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